Volcanic UFO Mysteries (2021) Review

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Volcanic UFO Mysteries is the latest film by paranormal documentarian Darcy Weir (Sasquatch Among Wildmen, Beyond the Spectrum – Humanoids). As you can tell from the title this time he’s focusing on the frequent reports of UFOs around volcanos, both active and dormant. I remembered reading about this when I was younger and much more deeply into UFOlogy so I decided to watch it and see what my older, less impressionable self thought.

Unfortunately, Volcanic UFO Mysteries starts with a long interview with Stephen Bassett talking about how he got involved with the studio of UFOs and what he does now. Bassett is an activist who has pressured the government, with some recent success, to reveal what he claims is hidden information about the phenomena.

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While he might make an interesting subject for his own documentary, this has nothing to do with what the film is supposed to be about. It wastes the first quarter of  Volcanic UFO Mysteries and gets things off to a slow start

Once the film gets on topic we’re treated to some interesting footage of something fling around an erupting Mexican volcano. Like many of Weir’s previous films, Volcanic UFO Mysteries relies heavily on footage and cases from South and Central America. This makes a nice change from seeing the familiar footage from US cases.

Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan, also a regular in Weir’s work, is back to discuss some of the cases as well as what he has personally witnessed. Unfortunately, he has claimed to have seen so many things it’s hard to take him seriously. His constantly using words like “irrefutable evidence” while offering no proof of the footage’s authenticity doesn’t help either.

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Overall, Volcanic UFO Mysteries presents the usual mix of footage that varies from convincing to indistinct and blurry. There’s a lot of talk of these craft capturing the electromagnetic energy volcanos give off. But there aren’t any scientists brought on to explain the hows and whys of it or offer any theories.

Volcanic UFO Mysteries isn’t going to convince anyone who doesn’t already believe. And parts of it, especially those with Barrett, are so evidence-free even believers will have trouble swallowing it. Weir really needs to up his game in he wants to compete with Seth Breedlove’s films like The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear and the video series On the Trail of UFOs.

Volcanic UFO Mysteries is available to stream from Uncork’d Entertainment. You can check Darcy Weir’s website for more information.

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