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Vore Gore (2021) Review

According to Wkikpedia. Vorarephilia (often shortened to vore) is a paraphilia characterized by the erotic desire to be consumed by, or sometimes to personally consume, another person or creature, or an erotic attraction to the process of eating in general practice. Vore Gore is an anthology of nine extreme horror shorts revolving around this desire.

Vore Gore opens up with “Mouth” by Mikel Balerdi, which features some cringe inducing footage of diseased mouths, teeth removal and other bloody trauma. It’s shocking if entirely plotless.

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The second segment “Sweet as Honey” directed by Emanuele Marchetto (Deep Web XXX) and co-written with Emanuel Trotto opens with some nice mountain scenery before delivering its story about a beekeeper (Steve Swadda) who masturbates to the thought of eating himself. It’s one of the tamest of the film’s segments, more people are likely to be shocked by seeing male masturbation than by the gore.

“Finger Licking Good” by Lorenzo Dante Zanoni (A Taste of Phobia) certainly makes up for its predecessor’s lack of gore, however. A young man (Gabriele Zanoni) watches porn and then imagines himself tearing his own body apart. He even goes as far as castrating himself and using it to fuck the drain in the sink.

The stomach churningly realistic effects by Athanasius Pernath are the stars of this segment. If you’re looking to be shocked and grossed out, this segment alone will make Vore Gore worth your while.

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The fourth segment “Please, Not in My Mouth” directed by Poison Rouge (American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice) and written by Rouge, Domiziano Cristopharo and Daniel Valient is the only segment I’d heard of before watching Vore Gore. The director relaxes in a bath while listening to music and fantasizing about torturing a bound man (Simone Avincola, eROTik). The general effect is that of an industrial/death metal music video.

“Italian Ladies Do It Better” by Irene Jones Baruffetti may well be the first genre piece centred around a sewing machine. A woman (Irene Jones Baruffetti) is offered a designer’s job conditional on passing an audition. Unfortunately, none of her attempts meet with Mr. Diamond’s (Richard Silvagio) approval. The madness this drives her to, however, allows her to create a truly unique garment.

“Infernal Gluttony 2” by Patrick Fortin could be described as a gore version of the Mr. Creosote sketch from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life crossed with Survivor Type. It’s short and humorously disgusting.

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“Yummy Fur” by White Gardenia (Daniel Valient & Cherokee Nevin) blurs the line between obvious, over-the-top fiction and gonzo performance art, and I’m not entirely sure which side of the line it falls on. It all ends with Nevin taking a pair of scissors to her lady parts in a disturbingly convincing fashion.

Domiziano Cristopharo (Nightmare Symphony, Poern) directs the second to last segment “Stretching” from a script by Andrea Cavaletto (Dead House, Blue Sunset). This segment involves unbirthing, the desire to be swallowed back into the womb. A man (Lorenzo Fedele) is obsessed with squeezing himself into small, confined spaces. It’s surprisingly restrained for Cristopharo and feels more weird than shocking.

“The Egg” by Dario Almerighi ends Vore Gore on a similarly strange, if bloodier note. A man (Angelo Grandi) buries an egg in the woods. From it a woman (Adriana Pallidino) emerges, her fate already predestined.

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I have to admit, by the time Vore Gore ended, I was feeling rung out and a bit queasy. The film is a ninety-minute assault on your tolerance for violence and extremely realistic gore. Usually, extreme horror be it Atroz or Murder Set Pieces doesn’t have much effect on me but this certainly did. Quite possibly, the short nature of the segments in Vore Gore worked in its favour. They can hit you between the eyes with their brutality and be gone before they become tedious, like many feature-length extreme films do.

Whatever the reason, Vore Gore is an effective collection of nastiness. TetroVideo will release it in the coming months, IMDB lists a date of April 19th. You can check their website and Facebook page for more details.

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