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ReVisitant (2019) Review

ReVisitant is the sequel to director Jon Binkowski (Scare Zone) and co-writer Stephen DeWoody’s 2014 ghost story The Visitant. It was the story of Samantha (Michele Simms, Red Tide), an actress posing as a medium who gets in way over her head when she encounters a spirit that’s both real and malevolent.

The sequel begins with Samantha, who obviously hasn’t learned her lesson, trying to contact the spirit of her late husband. Instead, she manages to summon the spirit of a serial killer known as The Child Bride Killer, with fatal results for herself. The spirit then turned its attention to her best friend Maya (Tracy Wiu, Cassadaga, Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!).

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When young Sarah (Jade Rattigan) sneaks into Samatha’s now abandoned house, it leads to a chance meeting with Maya, who accidentally passes the spirit on to Leslie (Lisa Enos Smith). From there, it moves to her oldest daughter, Amanda (Amy Smith). But, unsurprisingly, its ultimate goal is Samantha.

The film’s length is divided into chapters by title cards with song lyrics that vaguely foreshadow what’s to come. “Break on through to the other side”, “Dream a little dream of me”, you get the idea. The actual contents of the segments however will be quite familiar to many viewers from many films. Nightmares, personality changes, plumbing issues, a clown doll that starts acting creepy.

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As well as the murderous spirit, Leslie has to deal with a flesh and blood stalker. Her abusive ex-boyfriend Norm (Jay T. Becker) who seems to think restraining orders are just playing hard to get. At one point, Leslie makes a connection between the two, which is fitting considering the role he plays in setting up the final act.

By that point, ReVisitant has become a fairly straightforward creepy child/possession film complete with floating objects, strange lights, levitating people and CGI insects. When it gets to the actual exorcism however, the film suddenly veers into comedy via the inept spiritualist Griffon (Marc Musso) who among other things manages to get knocked the fuck out seconds after saying the demon can’t hurt them.

While an exceedingly odd place for it, right before the final conflict, that’s not the only humour in ReVisitant. A fraternity initiation goes quite wrong early in the film. There are the workmen who run around bumping into each other like The Three Stooges during the poltergeist attack that drives the family and Amanda’s friend Kat (Maya Smith) out of the house. And Leslie’s boss Victor (Adrian LePeltier), who gives them a place to stay, is the stereotypical “funny” effeminate gay male.

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I haven’t seen The Visitant, but I didn’t have much trouble following ReVisitant. Apart from Samantha and Maya, Lee (Sallie Glaner, Hunting Evil, Marriage Killer) is the only returning character. The plot takes off in its own direction, and there are enough flashbacks to fill you in on what you do need to know. Or, since it’s currently free to watch, you could watch it first.

Enjoyable, if lightweight and not likely to stick in your memory, ReVisitant is worth a watch. It is a little long at an hour and forty minutes, but that includes the credits, which contain a couple of scenes that point towards a third film.

Terror Films will debut ReVisitant Friday, March 5th on the Kings of Horror YouTube Channel. Before that, there will be a live interview with the film’s cast and crew starting at 1pm PST. You can check the Terror Films Facebook page or the film’s Facebook page for more details. The Visitant, which debuted there in 2015 is also available. I’ve linked it below for those who would prefer to watch them in order.

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