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Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction (2021) Review

The title Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction, (the film is also known as simply Tooth Fairy 3), holds out the promise of concluding the trilogy started in The Tooth Fairy and continued by Tooth Fairy 2: The Root of Evil. Those two were among the better films to come from producer Scott Jeffrey (Don’t Speak, The Candy Witch) and director Louisa Warren (The Mermaid’s Curse, Scarecrow’s Revenge), though that’s not saying much. Can Warren, working again the second film’s writer Tom Jolliffe (Witches of Amityville Academy) give the franchise a send-off with some bite? Or will it be as toothless as the films before it?

Corey (Andrew Rolfe, White Crow) may have survived the first two films, but fate isn’t done kicking him around. While on a walk in the countryside, his heavily pregnant wife Jess (Anna Liddell, Deadly Waters) suddenly goes into labour and dies, leaving him a single father.

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Years later he and his daughter Sally (Annie Knox, Pandamonium) along with friends Dianne (Jo Barker), Toby (Lewis Hodson), Christy (Lucinda Nicole) and Benny (Lee Hancock, The Leprechaun’s Game) go on vacation. Remember what I said about fate not being done with Corey?

Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction starts off with characters acting unbelievably even before the creature shows up. Corey and Diane are chaperoning Sally and her friends on this trip, I know at their age I would have called off the trip rather than have a parent along. The same for any of my friends, no matter how well they got along with their folks. Christy’s little speech about how that proves Sally’s dad loves her rings equally false.

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It doesn’t get any more believable when the kids are approached by a disreputable-looking man who just happens to have stumbled across the book of spells we saw in the film’s prologue. Spells that can conjure up The Tooth Fairy. You know that, despite warnings from a YouTube video hosted by Shawn C. Phillips (Faces of the Dead, Genevieve Wreaks Havoc), they’re going to perform the ritual.

Unsurprisingly, Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction takes its time getting started, leaving us to endure a lot of cringingly bad dialogue. In typical fashion, none of the supposed teens look under twenty-five, and they sound even less convincing than they look. On the other hand, they do provide a bit of realism in the fact that unlike the usual movie teens, they don’t all look like models. Toby and Benny actually look a bit like Bevis and Butthead.

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The last half hour sees The Tooth Fairy finally turn up and people start dying. Sometimes killed by the creature, other times by whoever it’s possessing at the moment. The methods used are equally uneven. Stabbings with sharpened candy canes make sense given the plot, seeing the creature produce a pair of pliers to pull someone’s teeth just seems weird in the wrong way. There are also several flashbacks to mayhem from the first two films mixed in to try and make up for the film’s low body count.

Unfortunately, the film’s fiery climax is done so cheaply that it’s almost laughable. Never mind bad CGI, Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction uses blood-red lighting to simulate a burning house. Further adding insult to injury, we get a coda that hints the franchise might continue after all. This might not have been as bad as Jeffry’s Conjuring the Genie, but it’s certainly the last I want to see of the Tooth Fairy.

ITN is scheduled to release Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction on September 2nd. However, the film has already made a brief appearance on their YouTube channel before they realized their mistake and pulled it.

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