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Amityville Vampire (2021) Review

It should come as absolutely no surprise that Amityville Vampire has nothing to do with the original franchise. It was shot as Red Moon Lake and looks like it had a prologue set in a bad replica of 112 Ocean Ave. tacked on and the title changed. What is surprising is that it was directed and co-written with Carlos Perez (Monster: The Prehistoric Project, Escape from Area 51), by Tim Vigil, the creator and writer of the Faust graphic novel. That was filmed by Brian Yunza with results that were disappointing, but still better than this.

Amityville Vampire opens with a crime scene cleanup crew at a familiar-looking house. The house bleeds on one of them, turning them into a vampire. This looks nothing like the rest of the film and has its own set of credits after the main ones.

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After that, we get the credits and the film itself begins with Kurt (Ismaele Montone) and Silvia (Margaux Leigh Hamilton) who are out in the woods. When she won’t put out, he leaves her there. Trying to find her way out of the woods, she’s attacked by Lillith (Jin N. Tonic, Exorcism at 60,000 Feet, Frankenstein in a Women’s Prison), a naked female vampire.

Margie (Kat Rodriguez) tries to warn her sister Fran (Miranda Melhado) about her boyfriend Johnny (Anthony Dearce) and his womanizing ways. She insists it all in his past and goes for a weekend in the woods with him anyway. On the way there, he tells her two supposedly true stories about Red Moon Lake, where they’re heading.

The first involves Lillith in the guise of a wealthy businesswoman who convinces Gloria (Veronica Farren, Choke, Escape from Area 51) a depressed employee to join her at her cabin for Thanksgiving dinner. You can guess the rest.

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The second involves Caleb (Randy Oppenheimer, Rottentail) whose wife Katherine (Maggie Nolting) is dying. He’s already lost his daughter (Haillye Young Miller). When Lilith offers to save Katherine, he’s willing to agree to anything.

Fran and Johnny get to the lake and pitch their tent. What they don’t know is that Kurt and his buddies Razor (J. Randall, Klippers) and Paco (Jose Acain) are in the woods as well, with rape and murder on their minds. None of them, however, know that Lillith is out there as well.

I know I’ve been complaining a lot lately about Scott Jeffrey’s films, but Amityville Vampire makes me wish I’d watched another of them instead. Whatever talent Tim Vigil may have had as a comic writer didn’t translate into filmmaking. He also apparently didn’t notice how bad the script was.

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Nothing in Amityville Vampire is remotely close to being scary, apart from some of the acting. Most of the cast has few or no other credits, and it’s easy to see why. The fact the film is so heavy on dialogue only makes it worse. Amityville Vampire feels like a seventy-minute film padded out to ninety minutes with unnecessary dialogue. It still would have been bad at seventy minutes, but at least it would have been shorter.

Joe Castro (It Wants Blood!, Lake Michigan Monster) is credited with the effects. But apart from Lillith’s makeup, some dollar-store fangs, and watery blood, there isn’t much in the way of effects to break up the monotony. In fact, the most amusing part of the film may be a scene where two characters talk, and the lighting is so different on each of them that you can tell they were filmed separately and hours apart. Even the likes of Amityville Poltergeist and Witches of Amityville Academy were better than that.

Amityville Vampire is available to stream via Summer Hill Films.

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  1. It was bad, that is not in dispute.

    The second “story” with Lilith and Caleb did have some decent dialogue which didn’t seem to fit the bargain-basement feel of the rest of the film.

    The Lilith transformation in the final scenes was a crime against the actress and the viewer.

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