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Casting Couch Slaughter 2: The Second Coming (2021) Review

Even if you haven’t seen the original Casting Couch Slaughter, a title like Casting Couch Slaughter 2: The Second Coming should tell you just what kind of film you’re about to see. And that is just what directors Emir Skalonja (Veronika, Holland Road Massacre: The Legend of Pigman) and Krystal Shenk deliver. As with the first film, they also co-wrote the script, this time with input from cast members Heather Dunham and Kristina Santiago.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying that if you didn’t like the first one, you can probably stop reading now. If you liked it, or if a title like Casting Couch Slaughter 2: The Second Coming has you curious, read on.

Casting Couch Slaughter 2: The Second Coming opens with an ad for a butt plug and rectal thermometer retailer and an introduction featuring horror model Lily Lurid that would have had my 14-year-old self eternally renting the VHS before launching into the main plot.

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It’s 1998 and three aspiring filmmakers, Cherry (Krystal Shenk, Anthropocene), Angel (Kristina Santiago, Not Another Monster Movie) and Yogi (Heather Dunham, Little Green People) decide to make a porn documentary about the infamous killings of the entire cast and crew of a porn film nine years earlier. The killer (Jacob Hodgson, Till Death Do We Rot) however is still out there and wants to contribute to their project.

Once again, the humour comes from both the film-making community and from porn and horror film clichés. And for the most part, they hit the mark or at least come close. A scene between the killer and a male submissive (Paul McGinnis, Widow’s Point, Johnny Gruesome) however just felt really off, however.

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Much more successful is Skalonja’s appearance as a professor who knew his character from the first film, or some of the interviews with potential performers in the girl’s film. The idea of making a skin flick with meaning and a message gets a well-deserved roasting as well, as do pretentious directors.

Skalonja and Shenk had some crap thrown at them after the original Casting Couch Slaughter was released. I can’t help but wonder if, wanting to give a “Fuck you” to those people, they rushed the sequel out a bit too quickly. The individual sequences are amusing, but they feel like just that, a collection of scenes rather than a narrative film. The inclusion of spoof commercials just adds to the sketch comedy feel. And at less than an hour’s running time including credits, there could easily have been some connecting scenes shot to tie it together.

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If you liked the original then, like me, you should enjoy Casting Couch Slaughter 2: The Second Coming as well. But it felt like a rushed, and not quite as good, sequel. If there is a part three, hopefully, they take the time to get the script tighter before they start. Tighter is always better when it comes to things like this.

Casting Couch Slaughter 2: The Second Coming is available to stream or buy on Vimeo. You can check the film or the production company’s Facebook page for more information.

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