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The original 10/31 came out back in 2018 and was one of the year’s better anthology films. And it produced a sequel, imaginatively titled 10/31 Part 2, which wastes no time getting right to the good stuff. The film opens with a group of trailers for films I wish existed, including Treaters, a Spookies like haunted house film. TruckSquatch about a Redneck Bigfoot, The October Kids looks like an updated Monster Squad and last but not least, The Candy Taker.

Queen Malvolia (Jennifer Nangle, Irrational Fear, Rattlers 2) has returned to host the sequel and lets us know what to expect from the segments of 10/31 Part 2.

1031 Part 2 B

“A Samhain Liturgy” is one of two segments directed by Tory van Buskirk. A babysitter (Danielle Douglas) sneaks her boyfriend Cameron (Ty Sells, Small Town Remedies) into the house. But little Tommy (Devin Douglas) has a surprise waiting in the basement. And an even worse one awaits outside.

Running forty-five minutes and featuring a murderous kid, a creature and a houseful of cultists this could easily have been expanded into a feature. It gets 10/31 Part 2 off to a fine start.

“Dead Lift” directed by Stephen Wolfe (Doll Factory, Midnight Abyss) and written by Mike McPherson is about Jeremy (Tim Robinson). a rideshare driver who’s left his girlfriend Whitney (Ashley Nief) alone while he’s working Halloween Eve. He picks up Howard (William McCarthy, Bermuda Tentacles) a strange passenger with an even stranger destination.

10-31 Part 2 howard

This is a weird one. It starts out fairly straightforward with the only apparent question being whether Howard is going to turn out to be a vampire or a serial killer. And then it goes in a direction that verges on metaphysical science fiction.

At just about six minutes long Max Groah’s (Bong of the Living Dead) slasher spoof “Apache Hatchet Massacre 2” is the film’s shortest segment. It’s also funnier in concept than in execution. It would probably have been better off cut down into another trailer.

Drew Maverick (Pool Party Massacre) directs “Overkill”, another slasher spoof. A serial killer (David E. McMahon, The Horrific Evil Monsters, Teacher Shortage) finds he has competition for the head of Becky the Babysitter (Anastasia Elfman, Shevenge, Brides of Satan).

10-31 Part 2 liturgy vhs

This was easily the better of 10/31 Part 2’s pair of humorous segments. With some genuinely funny moments, some gore and even some boobs. Just what we want from a slasher.

Tory van Buskirk returns with the last segment “Sister Mary”. Sister Mary (London Grace, Day of the Dead: Bloodline) who’s less than saintly past is coming back to haunt her. What is the man’s secret (Matt Block, The Jurassic Dead, Terror Tales) in her memories? And what is the thing in her basement?

Another strange segment. Told via disjointed flashbacks mixed with footage of a strangely trashed house it could easily be the thoughts of a madwoman rather than actual happenings. The interesting buildup is wasted on a predictable reveal though.

Jennifer Nangle returns as Malvolia and as director to wish the audience a Happy Halloween and wrap up 10/31 Part 2.

1031 Part 2 A

Overall 10/31 Part 2 is a solid anthology with some neat twists. Thankfully the one bad segment is the shortest, although I can see some people having issues with “Dead Lift” and the direction it goes off in.

Former Evanescence drummer turned composer Rocky Gray (In Memory Of, The Barn) returns to contribute the score and a catchy track called Are You Afraid that plays over the end credits.

Previously available from Scream Team, who still offer the Blu-Ray and VHS on their website, 10/31 Part 2 has been picked up by Terror Films and will be released to Digital and On-Demand platforms on August 13th. And yes, that is a Friday. You can check the film’s Facebook page for more details, and to see updates on Part 3.

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