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Natasha Nighty’s Boudoir of Blood (2020) Review

With a title like Natasha Nighty’s Boudoir of Blood, I think we all know just what we’re getting. And it isn’t anything remotely resembling elevated horror. Which made this tribute to USA Network’s Up All Night look like the perfect change of pace from all the serious films I’ve been watching as part of my coverage of Fantasia.

Opening with a blast of faux trailers, commercials for assorted 1-900 chat lines and even hot sauce, we are soon welcomed to Natasha Nighty’s Boudoir of Blood by Ms. Nighty herself. She’s a combination of Elvira and Up All Night’s Rhonda Shear. The difference between her and them is, the longer the show goes on, the more of her clothes come off. Tonight’s show is the anthology Tales From the Mausoleum Part 2 a “shot on video stinker” by Fred Olen Wood.

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Leading off Natasha Nighty’s Boudoir of Blood is “The Green Eyed Monster” from writer/director Jeff Kirkendall and concerns Pamela (Kelly Chaisson Warner) who becomes suspicious of her boyfriend when he has to work late on Halloween. A strange voice coming from an unplugged radio only heightens those suspicions. With deadly results.

Best known as an actor in films like Return to Splatter Farm and Deadly Playthings, Kirkendall shot this short back in 1999, (the other two segments are from 2005 and 2009 respectively), so it has the look of classic SOV horror. Considerably tamer than I was expecting, it’s a Twilight Zone type of tale that probably should have been a bit shorter than the half-hour it runs.

Next up is “Typeface”, a black and white piece from Tony Masiello (Sleepless Nights, Hi-8, and not the former mayor of Buffalo, NY). Trent (Matt Bantleman) is a writer struggling to actually write something. Until he finds an old typewriter in his new apartment. A typewriter named Betty, who talks and has a taste for blood.

This segment, with its cranked up to eleven acting and melodramatic dialogue, was obviously meant as a spoof. And while not laugh-out-loud funny, it is fairly amusing.

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The final segment, “The Road” from Ron Ford (Tombstones of the Blind Dead, Alien Agenda: Endangered Species) brings the gore the other two lacked. A ruthless businesswoman (Anne Selcoe, Tiki) finds herself on a road stalked by the zombified remains of those who died on it.

The gore ranges from impressive to intentionally cartoonish, and a night scene with a man (Richard Erhardt, Z HUNTERS: Bring on the DEAD!) trying to escape the walking dead is nightmarish.

Then Natasha is back to finish her show. And since we sat through this whole stinker, she gives us an extra treat right through the credits.

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While the three shorts that make up Natasha Nighty’s Boudoir of Blood aren’t anything special, they aren’t quite “shot on video stinkers” either. They’re about as good as the segments of some of the anthology films like Alien Zone/House of the Dead that played on Up All Night back in the day. The real fun comes from the commercials.

Each of Natasha Nighty’s Boudoir of Blood’s segments has a commercial break, and we get all manner of blood-soaked previews for films that somebody should make and commercials for phone sex and dating lines. They’re full of familiar faces, and other body parts, from Dilynn Fawn Harvey (Clownado, The Final Caller), Rebecca Rinehart (Sharks of the Corn, Faces of the Dead) and Mel Heflin (Hunters, Teacher Shortage) among others.

Some of them, such as the necro-themed 1-900-Ded-Fuck, are quite funny. Standouts among the trailers and other commercials include Silken Smoothie, Demon Fighting Pimp by Derek Slaton, QBert Styles Film Reviewer by Shawn C. Phillips (Theatre of the Deranged) and a drug PSA by Maximillian Hatcher.

Natasha Nighty’s Boudoir of Blood is the second in-house production from the folk at SOV Horror, You can get a copy at their website as well as checking out their first film Zombarella’s House of Whorrors and the collection of vintage SOV horror they have available.

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