The Discovery of Gold Leads to Murder at Yellowstone City

Murder at Yellowstone City Poster

The poster and trailer for the upcoming Western, Murder at Yellowstone City turned up in my inbox this afternoon. And since we’ve been on a bit of a Western kick lately I thought I’d pass them on. The one thing that stands out, apart from the familiar names in the cast, is the over two-hour running time. It isn’t easy to fill that much time without dragging, especially without a huge budget to fill the screen with action, but the trailer looks like it might be up to the task. RLJE Pictures will release Murder at Yellowstone City in theatres and on Digital and VOD platforms on June 24th.

Murder at Yellowstone City 3

The once peaceful and booming Yellowstone City has fallen on hard times, but when a local prospector strikes gold, things seem to be turning around. Any hope is soon shattered when the prospector is found dead and the Sheriff quickly arrests a mysterious newcomer. But nothing is so simple in this sleepy western town, and more than a few of the locals have secrets to keep and reasons to kill. As the brutal murders continue, pitting neighbour against neighbour, Yellowstone City goes down a bloody path to a final showdown that not all will survive.

Gabriel Byrne, Thomas Jane, Isaiah Mustafa, Anna Camp, Aimee Garcia, Emma Kenney, with Nat Wolff, and Richard Dreyfuss

Murder at Yellowstone City 2

Directed By:
Richard Gray

Written By:
Eric Belgau

Murder at Yellowstone City 4

Run Time: 126 minutes | Rating: Not Rated

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