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40uR: Part II (2022) Review

40uR: Part II picks up immediately after 40uR as the surviving members of the coven, Janelle (Jennifer Nangle, Amityville in the Hood, Malvolia: The Queen of Screams), Elyse (Erica Denise Curry, I Got The Hookup 2), and Christopher (Charles Chudabala, Bearry, Lockdown) face the Shadow Being (Joe Filippone, The Nudels of Nudeland, Porno Things: A Stranger Parody) summoned by the failed ritual.

4ouR: Part 2

Writer/director Charles Chudabala has indicated that these films are meant to form a trilogy, “There is definitely a finale, and another story to tell”. The problem he faces in 40uR: Part II is how to set up the final chapter while still telling an at least somewhat complete story. It’s the problem anyone writing a middle segment faces, and that’s a lot harder to do in eight minutes than at feature length.

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Probably the best move would have been to have worked these events into the other two films and avoid the problems of a middle film entirely. Or to have made 40uR: Part II a bit longer and include a subplot that could be worked through and resolved, although that runs the risk of becoming padding.

As it is, 40uR: Part II does a great job with the setting up part of things. The villain is revealed well as some backstory, motivations and loyalties called into question, etc. A lot is jammed into those eight minutes and in an entertaining way. The problem is that there’s no time to include a resolvable subplot. While I still want to see part three, this film feels incomplete.

40uR: Part II is available on the director’s YouTube Channel along with the original film.

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