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The Necro Files (1997) Review

The Necro Files was one of the more notorious SOV films of its time, and with good reason. Writers Todd Tjersland (Faces of Gore, Necro Files 2) and Sammy Shapiro (Necro Files 3000) came up with a script that manages to include rape, murder, necrophilia, Satanists, a well-hung zombie and a flying demon baby. Director Matt Jaissle (Detroit Driller Killer, Back from Hell) then filmed it in unrestrained, gory detail. Twenty-five years later, does it still hold up?

Logan (Isaac Cooper, Necro Files 2, Midnight Movie Madness) is a serial rapist/murderer with over two hundred victims to his credit. However, the law, in the form of Detective Manners (Steve Sheppard, Anti-hero, Necro Files 2) and Det. Sloane (Gary Browning, Necro Files 2) catches up to him while he’s chowing down on his latest victim. Sloane is surprisingly restrained considering his sister was one of Logan’s victims, and it’s the obviously unbalanced Manners that ends up emptying his gun into the handcuffed psycho.

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That should be the end of it, but a group of Satanists sacrifice a baby born out of one of Logan’s assaults over his grave, resurrecting him. After showing his gratitude by ripping their leader’s dick off and slaughtering some of the others, Logan resumes his crime spree. Sloane and Manners are once again in pursuit, as is the demonically possessed corpse of the sacrificed infant.

Obviously, there’s no way that any of this can be taken seriously, and The Necro Files doesn’t even try, at one point the rotting rapist wanders the streets of Seattle with its huge schlong hanging out and nobody gives it a second look. It just jumps in at the deep end and goes from one outrageous scene to another. Nameless female characters, identified in the credits as Shower Girl (Theresa Bestul), Camping Girl (Dru Berrymore, 3-Way Divas, Anal Aliens), Doll Lover (Anne R. Key) and S&M Amazon (Jenn O. Cide, Cauldron: Baptism of Blood) show up long enough to show some skin and get turned into leftovers from the slaughterhouse.

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The cheap but effective gore is the highlight of The Necro Files’s effects. Zombie Logan looks fairly good in some shots, but in others, you can see where his mask ends. The demon baby is obviously a doll on a wire and the scene of the Satanist’s leader, played by writer Todd Tjersland, getting his gear ripped off uses what appears to be a bargain-basement sex toy. All of which just adds to the film’s overall atmosphere of insanity.

The Necro Files is the kind of absurd gorefest that tend to generate strong reactions pro and con from viewers. But if you’ve read this far, then you should know what you’re getting and have a good idea if it’s your kind of trash or not. I had fun watching it, even if, like many of these films, it didn’t quite live up to its reputation. It’s still worth checking out for fans of SOV and extreme horror.

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Visual Vengeance has given The Necro Files its first Blu-ray release, although there’s not much that can be done with something that was originally shot on a home video camera. But a film like this wouldn’t look right with a sharp, high-def image anyway. There are plenty of extras, of which the commentary track by the director and the making of featurette “Dong of the Dead” are the most interesting, even if they do cover some of the same territory. The bizarre Necro Files 3000, a second sequel made with dolls and puppets is also included, although I would have rather it was the direct followup, Necro Files 2.

Bonus Materials

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  • Region Free Blu-ray
  • Original archival 1997 SD version from tape masters
  • Limited Edition Slipcover – FIRST PRESSING ONLY
  • Brand New Audio commentary with producer/ director Matt Jaissle
  • Audio commentary with Matt Desiderio of Horror Boobs and Billy Burgess of the Druid Underground Film Festival
  • Brand New Video chat with director Matt Jaissle
  • Matt Jaissle Super 8 Short Films
  • Chilean Talk Show Segment
  • Dong of the Dead: The Making of The Necro Files documentary
  • The Necro Files Original Trailer
  • The Corpse: Super 8 Short Film
  • Bonus Movie: Necro Files 3000 (2017 sequel)
  • Necro Files 3000 Trailer
  • English 2.0 Dolby Digital sound
  • English DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0
  • Optional English Subtitles
  • Visual Vengeance Trailers
  • Retro VHS sticker set
  • The Necro Files Official Condom
  • Reversible Sleeve featuring original VHS art
  • Collectible Mini Poster
  • 2-Sided Insert
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