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The Day After Halloween (2022) Review

The Day After Halloween (no relation to the Australian film Snapshot, which was released in the US under that title) actually opens on Halloween as Addison (Danny Schluck, Street to Table) and Hayes (Brandon DeLany, AIR: The Musical) prepare for their Halloween celebrations. First, with a special selection of films at the drive-in, Addison runs. Then at an after-party, just like every year.

This year, however, there’s a complication. When they wake up, they find a dead body (Aimee Fogelman, Don Jon) in their bathtub. Judging by the marks on the body, foul play was involved, and worst of all she was Addison’s girlfriend up until the night before when they had a messy breakup. Since both of them were blackout drunk the night before, they have no idea what could have happened, but they need to find out, and fast.

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Billed as The Hangover meets horror, The Day After Halloween is allegedly a comedy and opens with a joke about Japanese businessmen buying underage girls and a pumpkin with a swastika on it, and one of the leads needing paint to finish a placard that already says “I Hate Nigg”. That should give you an idea of the film’s sense of humour. And maybe help explain why it’s been kicking around for a couple of years at least looking for a distributor.

Granted, you can get away with those kinds of jokes if you’re funny enough, Mel Brooks proved that with Blazing Saddles. Unsurprisingly, The Day After Halloween however is nowhere near that film’s level and its constant attempts to be edgy just induce cringes rather than laughter.

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It doesn’t help that the leads and just about everyone else in The Day After Halloween are distinctly unlikable. They’re supposed to be likeable/goofy slackers, but they’re more like obnoxious jerks. Granted, if you find this film’s jokes funny then you probably will like them, but I have a hunch not very many people will be laughing.

Further adding to The Day After Halloween’s problems is the film’s non-linear structure. It bounces back and forth not just between the two days but back several years at one point. It makes what passes for a plot harder to follow, so the film isn’t just unfunny, it’s confusing as well. Is the segment at the police station a flashforward, or is one of the characters imagining the consequences of reporting the corpse? Compounding that, few of the characters, and none of the female ones, have names. They’re listed in the credits as The Corpse, The Vampire, and The Muse (Jennifer Askew).

And as the film goes on it becomes worse because it’s so bad you lose focus on it which makes the jumbled story harder to follow which means even fewer of the jokes work which makes you get more bored and have more trouble focusing.

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Eventually, the film somewhat coalesces around a plan to hack the body up and scatter the pieces all over Pennsylvania and a guest at the party who may not have just been dressed as a vampire (Victoria Meade, Construction, Misty Button). But it’s still not funny, and raising the possibility of the supernatural being involved just feels like an act of desperation.

And I hate to pick on a film because of its budget, but having an actress take a bath with her bra on because you can’t afford to pay her to go topless is stupid. Rework the scene, or at least add some bubbles to hide it. Between moments like that and the unending stream of unfunny jokes, The Day After Halloween is easily one of the worst things I’ve seen this year, this is Nest of Vampires level garbage.

Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight will release The Day After Halloween to VOD and Digital platforms on August 23rd. You have been warned. FilmTagger has some similar themed, and probably better, film suggestions you can check out.

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