Pardon the Mess


You may have noticed we have a new look here at Voices From the Balcony, and the changeover hasn’t been entirely free from problems. I want to apologize for that and for being off our usual pace and selection with reviews lately. My PC died last month and for several weeks while I tried to find a good desktop locally, then ended up ordering one I was scrambling to get things done on any computer I could access. Coupled with some personal matters, stuff didn’t get covered and a backlog built up.

Once I got the new system, I thought we were out of the woods, but changing the theme we use for the site has also caused its share of problems. Most notably the glitch that left our mobile site with white text on a white background for several hours. It also broke the links between the pictures on the index pages and the reviews which thankfully isn’t so noticeable. It’s an easy fix but I have to do it for each post individually and with over two thousand posts that will take a bit of time.

Also, while I’m at it, I’ve had a couple of people say they’ve seen ads on the left side of the screen that they can’t close. I’ve looked on my PC and on my phone with several browsers and haven’t seen it. Since I run on Windows and Android I’m wondering if this might be an Apple issue. If you do encounter it let me know what operating system and browser you were using so I can get it sorted out.

And, last but not least, thanks for reading what we post and making this site so popular over the years.


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