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Love is a Fire (2022) Review

Love is a Fire, a twelve-minute short from writer/director Sofie Somoroff (Recollection, Cut) mixes relationship drama and body horror into a tale that gives new meanings to toxic relationships and getting burned.

Olivia (Celina Bernstein, Wine Night, Me Time) and Andrew (Kenny Yates, Evil at the Door, Reboot Camp) have taken their relationship to the next level and moved in together. But now they’re beginning to realize that may have been a big mistake. But the emotional issues may be the least of their problems because Olivia is dealing with a yeast infection that that resembles toxic waste.

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And it’s that infection that takes what would have been another straightforward drama about a couple on the verge of falling apart and turns it into something quite different and with an ending that will stick with viewers, thanks to Rebecca Hurwitz’s (The Council, The Lady) makeup effects.

Somoroff gets excellent performances from Bernstein and Yates that sell the situation and make us care about their characters and build a sense of emotional tension between them that the viewer can feel. And that seperates Love is a Fire from many other shorts that are simply a buildup to the final scene’s gotcha moment.

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Being a short I can’t say too much more about Love is a Fire without giving things away that I shouldn’t. Just a word of advice, watch it alone, this is not a candidate for short films and chill.

Love is a Flame had its premiere at the Portland Horror Film Festival in July and more recently played at the Hollyshort Film Festival in Los Angeles. It’s one to look for in the short film block of your local festival as well.

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