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The Munsters (2022) Review

Rob Zombie’s reboot of The Munsters opens with Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang (Richard Brake, Offseason, Doom) and his assistant Floop (Jorge Garcia, Lost, Cooties) hanging out in a graveyard looking for the zombified remains of the world’s greatest pianist. He needs its hands for the project he’s working on, building the perfect man.

That segues into an introduction to the rest of the crew. The Count (Daniel Roebuck, Penance Lane, Hunting For the Hag) throws his back out rising from his coffin, and his servant Igor (Sylvester McCoy, Dr. Who, The Hobbit) who has to fix it. Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie, Toolbox Murders, All of Rob’s other films) who, in a nod to Type O Negative, is on a date with Nosferatu. And Lester (Tomas Boykin, Nude Nuns With Big Guns, The Chair) a werewolf who seems to be estranged from his father. What about Herman (Jeff Daniel Phillips, Satanic Panic, The Gifted)? You didn’t think Dr. Wolfgang’s experiment would be successful, did you?

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Calling Rob Zombie’s films divisive would be a bit of an understatement. And with a filmography that includes House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and a reboot of Halloween he was far from an obvious choice to write and direct the latest reboot of The Munsters, a family-friendly TV show that ran from 1964 to 1966 and will probably live on eternally in reruns.

Calling Rob Zombie’s films divisive would be a bit of an understatement. And with a filmography that includes House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and a reboot of Halloween, he was far from an obvious choice to write and direct the latest reboot of the family-friendly TV show. I certainly wouldn’t have thought of putting him in charge of it, I figured it had to be better than his other films. It took about ten minutes and a giant neon “If the tomb’s rockin’, don’t come knockin'” sign for me to realize how wrong I was.

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His version of The Munsters is an origin story of sorts, telling how Herman was created, met Lily, and fell in love. That’s actually a fairly good idea. And while it was produced by Universal’s 1440 Entertainment division, the one that handles the low budget, usually straight to VOD sequels and cash-ins, it still has good production values. Wolfgang’s lab, for example, is a great homage to the original Universal Frankenstein.

It’s also got a solid cast full of genre veterans and familiar faces. That includes appearances in cameos and supporting roles from Elvira herself, Cassandra Peterson, Dee Wallace (Await the Dawn, Critters), Catherine Schell, (Space: 1999, Dracula) as well as Butch Patrick and Pat Priest who played Eddie and Marylin, The Munsters’ children, in the original series.


The problem lies with the script, it’s awful. He has even less understanding of comedy than he does straight horror, something I didn’t think was possible. Rather than recreate the tone of The Munsters TV show, he’s made what feels like a highly exaggerated spoof of it. One that mocks its source material rather than respects it. He seems to have taken the same approach to The Munsters as he did to Halloween and its sequel, completely reinventing the characters as he saw fit. That somewhat worked with Michael Myers, the backstory and added brutality fit the material, and Halloween is the only film of his I actually enjoyed.

And I suppose that approach might have worked here if Zombie had the talent to pull it off, or the good sense to get a writer who could do comedy. But since his ego wouldn’t let him do that, we get nearly two hours of horribly unfunny material and unlikable versions of the characters we love. Even attempts at anachronistic humour like a digital camera with a giant 50s era flash attachment fall flat. The previously mentioned reference to Type O’s “Black No. 1” was the only time I even grinned.

Now I understand why Universal sold the finished film to Netflix. What I don’t understand is why Netflix bought it. It will debut on the streaming platform as well as on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital download on September 27th. FilmTagger meanwhile, can suggest some similar, and hopefully better, alternatives.

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  1. “Rather than recreate the tone of The Munsters TV show he’s made what feels like a highly exaggerated spoof of it. One that mocks its source material rather than respects it.”

    This is exactly how I felt about Ash vs Evil Dead. It was an exaggerated spoof that, instead of respecting it, mocked it.

    1. Good production values? Seriously? Judging from the trailer, it looks appallingly cheap, even though they apparently spent $40 million on it. The image is so horribly flat and ugly, it looks like it was shot on a 1982 camcorder.

      1. Just watched this absolutely rubbish film ,did not make any sense what so ever ,
        Seriously dont even waste 5 minutes on this .wooden acting ,very bad costumes, even worse make up,

        1. Such a shame that this movie has so far got poor reviews. I was hoping that Rob Zombie’s love of the ’60s TV Series would translate to a movie I’ll enjoy. However I’m not entirely surprised that people so far don’t like the movie.

          To be honest I’m writing this movie not having seen the movie yet. I don’t want subscribe to Netflix again in order to watch it because frankly their subscription fees are too high. So I pre-ordered the blu ray instead and I’m waiting for it to arrive.

          But after reading these negative reviews I may cancel the order!

          For me the bottom line has always been that the idea of resurrecting ‘The Munsters.’ is a very risky proposition because the original cast created magic, and it’s very hard to capture it twice. So really it’s not worth trying because failure is almost inevitable.

      2. They did not spend anywhere near $40 million on it. Rob addressed this rumor on Facebook and said the budget of his last 4 or 5 films combined wouldn’t even reach that much.

        1. As I mentioned in the review it was made by Universal’s direct to video division so there was no way the budget would be anything near $40 million

          1. Wow all the negative responses… WTF… Lighten up…. it’s a Munsters reboot… I went into it not expecting anything and loved it. It’s not big screen amazing… it’s small TV screen wonderful, It was a lot of fun. It took me about 30 min to warm up to it… However… the fellow playing Herman was Terrific he’s so much fun to watch… Grampa was terrific as well… they both did a lot of Justice to the original actors. The only character I thought could have been better is Lilly she seemed stiff (No pun intended). Listen if your a fan of the original but not a super fan you’ll enjoy it of it’s own merit. Where else can you get a new Munsters movie? Nowhere! Thank you Rod Zombie for bringing it back people should respect him this is his take on the show and it’s campy as all hell but so was the Original… it’s better as a TV movie like those old Gilligan’s island sequels you know after the show was off the air… not great but fun to revisit , C’mon it was fun ( I’ve got you babe) with Lilly and Herman singing to each other… Totally Unexpected… it was so over the top it was great. It’s going to be a cult classic. Lower your expectations and just enjoy it for exactly what it is… A Really weird Sitcom, I absolutely Loved watching the new guys take on grampa and Herman… these guys really showed their respect for the original actors. Everything Herman did was hysterical I loved watching him in this… it was so much fun… Don’t listen to people who expected this to be a bigger film than the TV show it was quite level with it… give it a shot expect nothing but a bizarre piece of film making with subject matter that’s familiar and you won’t be sorry. B- from me.

            1. Its an aweful reconception. Zombies biggest mistake always with everything is his totally stupid reliance in his wife.. or daughter. Or what ever she is shes no better than the Birmighamn night life at 3am.

            2. ‘The Munsters.’ (Rob Zombie, 2022) is a great little movie. It’s good, clean fun and it’s made with an obvious love and respect for the classic 1960s TV Series. It really does somehow retain the spirit of the original without being a copy of it.

              The jokes are all PG-rated and contrary to what others here and elsewhere online might have you believe, most of them do land – as long as you’re not expecting anything edgy.

              For me the only joke that’s painfully out of place is when Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman shouts: ‘Car 54. Where are you?’. It’s funny when Fred Gwynne says it in the movie ‘Munster, Go Home.’ because he (along with Al [Grandpa] Lewis) was indeed in the TV Series ‘Car 54. Where are you?’ before they were in ‘The Munsters.’. Jeff Daniel Phillips obviously wasn’t in it so to say the least it seems a bit cheeky for him to say it. And what child in 2022 would get the reference anyway?

              Perhaps Rob Zombie was just being a bit too enthusiastic in his love for the original Series when he included this line in the script.

              The Munsters.’ is a zany ride for all the family and I have to say that I was quite impressed with the new characterizations of Lily, Herman and Grandpa from Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Philips and Daniel Roebuck respectively. This is largely because with the exception of the new Herman’s occasional Fred Gwynne-esque big laugh (which he mostly gets right), they aren’t cringe-worthy impersonations of the original cast.

              Whilst the original TV Series was filmed in Black & White, this new movie goes right in the opposite direction with a constant gloriously over-saturated, neon-bright colour palette – which I loved and which worked perfectly with the deliberately over-the-top nature of the performances, and the over-the-top nature of just about everything else about the film.

              Wisely; although this new version of ‘The Munsters.’ does include some nods to the TV Series, they’re obvious but subtle and the film doesn’t rely too heavily on them. It’s brave enough to forge its own quite winning, wacky identity from beginning to end.

              All of the performances are good, the various stylistic visualizations work pretty well, they’re not too jarring and despite what you might have read, the story IS easy to follow and it DOES make sense.

              Some reviews have commented that the special effects look cheap and that the film has a low budget look to it. I’d agree with this but I think I can confidently say that this is deliberate.

              If I have one criticism of the film it’s that it doesn’t spend enough time in Mockingbird Lane. But that would just have added more runtime to the film since I don’t actually think that it spends too much time in Transylvania and therefore that that part of the film needs to be cut down. However the film does end a bit too suddenly for my taste.

              So; is ‘The Munsters.’ (2022) anything like the classic 1960s TV Series? – absolutely not, it couldn’t be more different! Is it fun? – resoundingly yes. And is it worth checking out as long as you take it on its own terms – yes, absolutely!!

              ‘The Munsters.’ (2022) is full of committed performances and as an entirely new take on the show, it clearly has its heart in the right place. I can honestly say that I think it works beautifully.

              Given the fact that ‘The Munsters (2022) is dropping on Netflix, that may not be a good sign in terms of the studio’s faith in it. However I think that if the viewing public can come around to watching it on its own terms without comparing it to the 1960s TV Series, then I definitely think it deserves a sequel.

              I sat down to watch this film with quite a bit of trepidation having read the often quite vicious early reviews, so at the very least I was expecting to be entirely indifferent to it. But now that I’ve seen it I’m quite surprised to find that not only did I enjoy it, I actually want to watch it again!

              Rob Zombie took a huge gamble doing a re-imagining of such a beloved TV property, but the gamble has paid off admirably and he and the cast deserve considerable credit for what they’ve created.

              I might even buy the blu ray – especially to see the colour palette in all its glowing glory!!

      3. He addressed that number is not correct, he said the last several movies he make combined didn’t add up to 40 million…

      4. Honestly, my only investment in this— especially since seeing the first clip— has been the sets. RZ is a stickler for getting that stuff exactly right, at least, and what I really want is a detailed book on the production, itself!

  2. Already leaked online, and it is so so bad, was very excited to see a new Munsters but started skipping ahead after 10 minutes. This movie make my eyes rain.

    1. Agreed, it was a hard watch after having so many high expectations for it, felt like a school run pantomime, but I think they may have done a better version, should of made this version a horror R rated. big disappointment.

  3. I’m not a Munsters fan personally but I wanted to kick off the Halloween season with something fitting, sadly this was a trainwreck. Rob’s wife as Lily is a horrible joke, she puts on this terrible voice like a witch in a show for pre schoolers. I guess it’s kooky in a massively cringey way, but it doesn’t resemble the original Lily Munster so why do it that way?? Just bizarre. Philips does ok as Herman and looks at least like he’s having fun with the role but he’s let down by the awful script. It’s also just weird to not have the kids involved in a movie that’s allegedly family friendly – it’s not really family oriented, there’s quite a bit of gore and scary material that’s too mature for what could be the target audience for the childish jokes. But if it’s the Munsters, as in an already established family unit, where the hell are kids? It’s not called the Lily and Herman movie?? The whole film is about their awkward courtship, which nobody asked for. What an oddity.
    Pros: the special effects are good for the first half of the movie. Cons: Crap humor that even your mom won’t find funny, Mrs. Zombie who should be blacklisted, and the Sonny and Cher number which will haunt you forever.

    1. I agree. It was a huge mistake to go the prequel route leaving out Eddie and Marilyn. This is supposed to be a kid friendly movie so kids needed one character they could see themselves in and relate to…i.e. Eddie Munster. Have Eddie and Marilyn in it and that would already go a long way towards making this feel more like The Munsters we know and love. They were greatly missed.

  4. It’s gonna be be pretty awkward when the porn parody comes out for this and has better production values.

    1. I’m back on here to add a few, more critical, comments that I should have included in my previous review of ‘The Munsters.’ (Rob Zombie, 2022), in order to make it a bit more balanced.

      Although the story is coherent it’s told in a slightly haphazard way and the narrative has a few too many strands and too many characters. There’s probably enough plot and enough characters in ‘The Munsters.’ for two films! I wonder if on some level Rob Zombie put absolutely everything he could into the film in case he doesn’t get a sequel greenlit? As it is, ‘The Munsters.’ (2022) is a bit of a breathless viewing experience.

      I also think that it would have been nice to see a wide shot in the movie showing where exactly 1313. Mockingbird Lane is in relation to the rest of Mockingbird Heights (at least part of which we do get to see in the movie). The wide shot we get in the movie doesn’t include the Munster family’s new home.

      It would also have been nice if Butch Patrick and Pat Priest had appeared on-screen instead of just having voice cameos. I for one didn’t pick them out.

      That said; I do wish people commenting on this site would stop being so spiteful about the film and its director and cast. How many contributors here have ever tried making a movie for mass consumption?

      I also wish that people would just forget the original 1960s ‘The Munsters.’ TV Series when they watch this movie. It clearly isn’t supposed to be a carbon copy of it and neither are its characters. It would have been an absolute disaster if Rob Zombie had tried to do that and it would have gone down like the proverbial lead balloon.

      People should view ‘The Munsters.’ (2022) as a unique film that just happens to have some very familiar elements to it.

      Finally; I wonder if this new version of ‘The Munsters.’ will work better as a half hour per episode TV Series than a movie franchise? Either way it will always be compared to the 1960s TV Series and however good it proves to be on its own terms, fairly or unfairly it will unfortunately always be considered inferior.

      1. ” I do wish people commenting on this site would stop being so spiteful about the film and its director and cast. How many contributors here have ever tried making a movie for mass consumption?”

        So you never criticize a politician unless you’ve held the office they hold?
        You never complain about the meal you were served unless you’ve worked in the resteraunt?

      2. Mr. Chris Rasdale

        All in all; with it’s references to the likes of Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Charles Aznavour, Rob Zombie’s feature length reimagining of ‘The Munsters.’ can either politely be called a love letter to the classic 1960s TV Series, or impolitely called the most expensive Fan Film in history that’s arguably aimed at kids but contains dated Pop Culture references that kids just won’t get.

        So if one asks the question: Who is this film for?, then the answer has to be: Rob Zombie – and fans of the original TV Series who are open-minded enough to give this film a chance.

        As I said initially and I still say; ‘The Munsters.’ (2022, Rob Zombie.) is a great little film, but it could have been so much better if it had been written (or at least co-written with some else). In that scenario Rob Zombie’s apparent overwhelming fan boy tendencies could have been kept at bay, and the script would have been all-round more disciplined.

        Still; you should be proud of what you’ve achieved with this movie, Rob! It’s arguably the best Munsters movie since ‘Munster, Go Home.’.

  5. I was a little disappointed in the early part of the movie. I thought I was going to blow. But zombie did put his unusual, psychotic twist in it. So, like all of his movies, even though the munsters was a bit different from the show, I enjoyed the movie.

  6. I think it’s an excellent pastiche of the original with an original script to boot. Dizzyingly scrumptious colour palette and insane sound.

  7. Your bias to not liking Rob Zombie really shines through here. I watched this with three people yesterday, and while we are horror fans we all said the same things about it. It was a good move to go the prequel route with a quirky love story that fit the same comedic theme of the show. Visually it was stylish, and the sets they built to make this were amazing. If he would have made it bloody, you would have cried about that too.

    1. Are you sure you’re replying to the right review?

      I didn’t criticize it for not being bloody, I said someone known for grim and bloody films was an odd choice to have write and direct a film like this. I also said I didn’t have a problem with it being a prequel, although thinking about it now, that might have been better saved for a second or third film and this one stick with the show’s lineup of main characters.

      My complaint was simple, it wasn’t funny and wasted a good cast.

      1. Yeah. You’re right. It is bad. Very bad. I grew up on the same timeline as The Munsters and was more disturbed by the nauseating performances than by the prequel approach and noticeable absence of Eddie and Marilyn. Big disappointment. Oh, well.

  8. It’s very popular to pile on films based on popular culture icons. And horror fans are often a community of self-styled discerning experts. I’ve seen the Munsters reboot, and I’d put it in-line with a typical Rob Zombie horror, minus the gore thanks to the PG rating, and the source material. If you like Rob Zombie movies and you have kids, this is probably a good Halloween flick, which is also probably why family oriented Netflix picked it up. Not the best family friendly horror movie ever, but definitely not as bad as the snowballing critics will make it seem either.

  9. How many of you are old enough to actually remember the Munsters when it ran for real. It was a spoof to begin with. To those slamming Rob Zombie’s talent as a director of horror you missed the 80s. From music to writing and directing movies he excells. I’ll wait to see movie but previews look like he hit it.

  10. I’m a big fan of the black and white version, so no matter how they up date it, it won’t be better then the original. The last reboot they did had possibilities, it was more horror dramatic, then humor. Just by reading the review the reboot can be forgiven if the writing wasn’t terrible. Part of me hopes they don’t make it a serise, they’d probably make Eddie a non binary transgender and Marilyn a butcher lesbian.

  11. My initial gripe with the movie was how assertive Herman was. In the show he was timid and gullible. I enjoyed the actor’s portrayal, but thought he was undeservingly confident, especially when first meeting grandpa. It just didn’t sit well. I appreciate the atmosphere of the movie I just think it wasn’t used to it’s potential.

  12. This man’s critique of Zombie as a director is spot-on. If you’ve ever been to a White Zombie or Rob Zombie show, you probably thought you’d enjoy yourself, but you’d be wrong, cause the man cannot sign live, he’s too busy being out of breath from jumping around the stage like an asshole the entire time. I believe he might direct his films in a similar fashion. They’re all patently awful

  13. This movie was horrible, I like Rob Zombies movies but this was not what I was expecting from him. The original Munsters had better scripts than this one. Very disappointed with this movie but I’ll always be a Rob Zombie fan, he just needs to stick to horror movies.

  14. Can’t beat the original. Loved the characters in the original and the humor. Sequels are usually stinkers.

  15. Rob Zombie really shat on the memory of this show with this painfully unfunny and boring train wreck. When I saw this movie on one of the torrent sites I was curious enough to get it, because I grew up watching The Munsters after Gilligan’s Island on summer mornings when I was a kid, and I liked Zombie’s music and saw White Zombie live as a teen, and I thought his aesthetic might lend itself well to The Munsters. And it was free. Then I watched the trailer and got the feeling I was dead wrong. Not only was it super low budget, almost like a high school or college film class project, with ugly, basic titles, but it was also neither funny or scary. It reminded me of a really bad porn parody, which still would have been so much better than this shit, which has no nudity, gore or scary parts. Generally trailers include parts of the funniest or most exciting parts of the movie, so this was a bad omen. I couldn’t even finish the whole movie when I got around to watching it. I made it to the part where they get married, and Lily’s brother The Wolfman (da fuck? How?) tricks Herman into signing away the family home (Lily’s, not his own) so he can satisfy a debt or some shit with an old fortune teller looking lady. That’s the part of the movie that is supposed to create tension and drive the action, but who really gives a shit? Anyone who’s seen a movie knows exactly how this tired cliched trope will play out.
    It always amazes me that movies as bad as this get made and then bought and then put on Netflix. That no one at any stage of the process spoke up and said “What the fuck is this unfunny shit I’m looking at right now? Everyone stop what you’re doing. Don’t spend another goddamn penny until someone can convince me that this isn’t just a way to launder money.”
    Is there no “The Munsters” estate that handles merchandising and licensing, etc. for the franchise? Who is in charge of protecting the legacy and memory of the original show and it’s characters and actors from horrible movie pitches and even worse scripts? I can guarantee you Rob Zombie will never direct, write, act in, cast, score or cater anything involving The Addams Family in his life, ever. That’s because The Addams Family is a franchise that obviously has qualified, experienced people making sure that only the upper tiers of actors, directors and creators are involved in their projects, from TV to movies to Broadway. So that in ten years when someone wants to make a TV show based on the origin story of Cousin Itt, people will still give a shit.
    I still get parts of The Munsters and The Addams Family mixed up sometimes, they both had the same basic fish out of water premise, where misfits have to try and fit in with the squares. I couldn’t say for certain which show was better, and they both had corny jokes and odd characters. But with the modern era incarnations of these franchises, it’s a no brainer. The Munsters need someone to keep watch over their legacy. There’s wolfmen out there shitting all over it.

    1. I totally disagree,that it might be shit.although it’s not streaming there yet. I’ve enjoyed his Halloween movies& The original Munsters& expect this to be exceptionally on par with the original.yes it’s an origin,but I think its going to be fucking awesome.So shit on you for saying otherwise.and he will make an Excellent Addams Family if he decides to.

  16. I’m actually really looking forward to watching this on Netflix& seeing “Zombies” take on the Munsters.I’ve Enjoyed both his Halloween’s.And I’ve enjoyed the original Munsters.And I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with this!

  17. This movie was absolutely torture to watch we had to turn it off after the first 15 minutes. As the original munster fans there’s no comparison this movie was garbage

    1. I agree I would rather swim in an Olympic size pool of black cholera liquid human shit and dive for quarters than sit through this mental assault of cinematic trash.

  18. It seems to me far too many of you are way too attached to the original. No one makes a reboot trying to be exactly like the original. What’s the point in that? Too many reviews here are comparative to the original material. If you wanted a continuation of the original series, then you made a big mistake thinking this was it. Rob Zombie didn’t make this film to please you people. Lol He made it for people who are fans. The article is biased from the start as the author openly admits from the start how little he thinks of Rob Zombie and his past films. Right there I should have stopped reading. Same with all of you. This is just a biased “slam” by another rotten critic. Being a Critic doesn’t mean you have to point out all the things YOU personally don’t agree with and doesn’t make sense compared to the show that was made a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago. If he made it that way everyone would be disappointed especially kids cause they try to watch an old black and white and lose interest immediately and though the film is in colour, if they made them speak like it’s a 1950’s sitcom todays kids wouldn’t last 5 minutes. I don’t think ANYONE could make a good version of this film the more I think about the original series. Nostalgia is hard to beat. And there’s too much nostalgia for the original. Hell Car 54 was much funnier. And there’s funnier Shit than that even. The original Munsters only ran for 2 years for a reason. So Rob Zombies “source material”? Wasn’t that great to start! I Blame the original on this one. Lol

    1. Yes, it’s “a biased “slam” by another rotten critic” in the same way your comment is another biased rant by a braindead Rob Zombie ass kisser who can’t accept the fact The Munsters is a massive pile of shit.

  19. I have never been a Munsters fan but a HUGE fan of Rob and Sherri! This movie was amazing! I loved this so much it has comedy and a touch of Robs creativity and really nail this! I would definitely love it if He decides to make another one but this was so good it really doesn’t need a sequel!! Great job to SHERRI MOON,JEFF D.PHILLIPS, DANIEL ROEBUCK,THOMAS,DEE,CASSANDRA and RICHARD BLAKE, LOVE EVERYONE WHO WAS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A PART OF ROBS ART!

  20. He turned a tv show that was basically like Father Knows Best, with monsters, into The Monkees…with monsters.

  21. Does nobody remember the Munsters reboot from a while back, starring Portia De Rossi, Jerry O’Connell and Eddie Izzard? The characters were multi-layered, and the script wasn’t a parody of itself. I was disappointed that one didn’t go anywhere.

    1. I agree with you. I thought Mockingbird Lane was an interesting interpretation of the Munsters and would have liked to have seen more.

  22. Regardless of how good ‘The Munsters.’ (Rob Zombie, 2022.), I’d like to respectfully suggest that people giving their opinions here stop arguing with each other in such a nasty way. We’re all just talking about a movie, so let’s have some fun and make an effort to respect each other’s opinions.

    And please stop firing F-bombs at each other. We can do better than that, can’t we?

    Also; is no one moderating this site for inappropriate user comments?

    1. And what is “inappropriate”? A few swear words you’ll hear most days just going out in public?

      1. Mr. Chris Rasdale

        Hi Jim,

        It’s not the act of criticism that I take issue with. It’s the level of sheer nastiness and the rampant lack of objectivity or any sense of fairness that I don’t like. In short I take issue with how utterly mean-spirited some of the people here are being toward Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters.’.

        My own comments about the film aren’t all positive and complementary, but I can confidently say that my criticisms don’t contain any vitriol.

        Still; we are after all on the internet – which has often been described as a digital ‘Wild West’. A place where people can say whatever they want, however unpleasant, and get away with it.

        So I’d respectfully suggest that you ask yourself this, Jim: Are your responses to my posts made purely in the spirit of fun in order to have an enjoyable, harmless back and forth with me, or are they motivated by something else a little less friendly?

  23. Just watched the reboot of the Munsters. Smh wish I hadn’t. It misses all the charm the original had. It is basically a teenie bopper version. Basically it sucked. I’m old but not that old. I was looking for so much more. But Herman in this version wasn’t even close to Fred gwynee. And Dracula was her dad,not grandpa. Almost surprised they didn’t add in LGBTQ stuff. No offense to anyone. They are married by the end. But still. Why can’t anyone do a reboot with the simplicity of past times? Seems like today’s times are missing so much. But really don’t care. It’s I,I,I, me,me me. I ask anyone to do this. Watch the original sitcom. Then tell me what you think. I have a feeling most won’t even give the time or day to watch it. But they are missing out. Trying to modernize the Munsters was a fail. I so wish it wasn’t. At least I tried.

  24. Omg will someone stop letting Rob Zombie make.movies . This was just horrible . I got more laughs from Schindlers List. The cast wasn’t right for the movie. It was an utter disappointment.

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