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#Float is the directorial debut of Zac Locke. That name may not be familiar to you but he’s worked as a producer and in various other capacities on films like Get Out, The Wind, Black Christmas, Climate of the Hunter and The System. OK, try not to hold that last one against him. Anyways, he’s made a supernatural slasher about a float trip down a lazy river turned murderous. I doubt it’ll be the bloodbath that Float Trip was, but it could be a fun trip regardless. Check out the details below while you wait for its release on December 9th.


Young, beautiful and full of life, vlogger Kali and her friends are heading to the river for their annual float, but it’s the first time since their friend overdosed and drowned last year. Their partying turns deadly as a sinister paranormal force plunges them into a life-and-death struggle forcing them to face their own fears as they turn on each other – and proceed to die one by one.

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#FLOAT skillfully plays on classic tropes of ’80s slasher films – beautiful young, selfish people blithely ignore warnings about the dangers awaiting them and then get gruesomely killed off – while employing a modern sensibility.


Written and Directed by: Zac Locke (The Voyeurs, Black Christmas)

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Cast: Kaya Coleman (The Sinners, Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders), Scarlett Sperduto (Those Who Walk Away), Grant Morningstar (Meathook), Kate Mayhew, Matt Wise, Christina Nguyen (Lion)

#Float 3

Distributor: XYZ Films

Run Time: 76 minutes

Coming to VOD and Digital Platforms December 9th from XYZ Films

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