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On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier (2022) Review

On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier takes the hunt for Sasquatch to the most remote place you can get in the United States, Alaska. Maybe it’s because of its remoteness and the difficulty of getting around but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of other research on the subject. But that’s the same reason that, if they do exist, they would be living there.

“Alaska might not seem to be the ideal locale to search for Bigfoot. With its frigid temperatures, hard to navigate environments, and endless acres of wild lands, the quarry (in this case a hairy, ape-like creature) would neatly fit into the needle-in-a-haystack analogy”

Seth Breedlove

Writer/director Seth Breedlove (Bloodlines: The Jersey Devil Curse, On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky) spends the first part of the film impressing on the viewer just how large Alaska is and how far from any kind of civilization parts of it are. Once that sets in you realize how important it is to make an effort to investigate it despite the problems.

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From there he touches on some of the folklore of the Indigenous peoples who live there, and as we start to hear eyewitness accounts there are some notable similarities. What makes this interesting is how divergent some of the descriptions and legends are. They range from the traditional hairy giants to smaller, human size creatures and from simply wanting to be left alone to hostile creatures who caused trouble for the tribes.

The various experts we hear from Also talk about the differences and suggest, like the state’s bears, there are more than one species. Differences in where they lived, what is available for food, and how much of it, etc. being responsible for the differences. It’s an interesting theory but the obvious lack of evidence means it’s all just speculation.

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Another common link between Last Frontier’s various sources is the creature’s ability to mimic a baby crying in order to lure humans, especially women, to them. While it’s creepy to think of an animal devising a “human call” it’s also a phenomenon that’s been attributed to various creatures and entities throughout history which creates a possible link to some of the more esoteric theories Breedlove has been flirting with in his recent films.

Maybe it was because On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier is one of three films that they’re shooting during their time in Alaska, the other two, Land of the Missing and Bigfoot: Beyond the Trail: Alaskan Coastal Sasquatch are due for release later in the year, felt incomplete. Several interesting ideas are brought forward but the researchers come up with little beyond some audio recordings and a handprint of unknown origin.

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I’m hoping that Last Frontier is simply setting the stage, introducing themes and asking questions that the other two films will answer. For example, the issue of how many people have gone missing in Alaska is raised at one point but not explored, Land of the Missing deals with the so-called “Alaska Triangle”. Hopefully the trio of documentaries films will tie all their various tangents together.

Apart from the lack of a solid ending, On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier isn’t bad. There’s enough difference between the various Alaskan Sasquatches and those in other states that it isn’t the same thing we’ve heard before. And the eyewitnesses come off as convincing, something that isn’t always the case, such as in On the Trail of UFOs: Dark Sky. For those interested in Bigfoot, it’s worth a watch. You might want to wait until all three Alaskan films are out though.

1091 Pictures will release On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier to VOD and Digital Platforms on January 17th. You can check the Small Town Monsters Facebook page for more information. FilmTagger can make it a lot easier to find more films like this than to find Bigfoot.

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