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Two Immortal Gods, Athena and Hermes, who have lived on earth for over 4000 years, find out that there is much more to the planet than they have always believed when they come into contact with Mina, a woman who makes them question their own reality. They track her existence, from her birth to the present, across multiple cities and countries, trying to understand her existence, if she is human or much for. Their search to understand Mina ends up becoming a journey for them to better understand themselves and their Godhood.

That’s the plot of the upcoming film Exceptional Beings which distributor Freestyle Digital Media describes as a “psychological action fantasy thriller”. This is the first I’ve heard of it, but it sounds like it might have some potential. Check out the pictures and trailer below.

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(Los Angeles, CA—December 27, 2022) Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group has acquired North American rights for The Gestalt Effect/ FJ Morgan presents the psychological action fantasy thriller “Exceptional Beings” co-directed by prolific Nigerian novelist Njedeh Anthony (“Creatures of Necessity,” “Mind Crawlers”) and acclaimed South African Christian Kazadi (“24 Hours Blind,” Blinkers”). “Exceptional Beings” will be available to rent and own across all North American TVOD/Digital platforms & on DVD beginning on January 31st, 2023 through Freestyle Digital Media.

“Exceptional Beings” features an incredible cast led by Ciarra Carter (‘Ooga Booga,” “The Colony”), Dane Oliver (“The Resonator,” “Cupid’s Match”), Rachel Thundat (“9-1-1: Lone Star,” “Secrets Exposed”), Bunmi Famuyiwa (“Ida B. Wells: A Red Record,” “The Wake”), Clark Moore (“Yellowstone,” “Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”), Chad Sano (“Grease Live!,” “My Crazy Ex”), introducing Jean Charles, Sarah Bonrepaux (“Strayed,” “Mr. Know-It-All”), Victoria Antonelli (“Switched Before Birth,” “Blader”), and cinema icon Eric Roberts (“Jurassic Domination” “The Dark Knight”).

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“Exceptional Beings” tracks the existential crisis of two supernatural beings, as they begin to question their Godhood, when they encounter a woman with an uncanny essence that doesn’t conform with their 4,000 years of knowledge. They journey through her existence, as it relates to their desperate need to understand answers to questions, they never believed existed. The movie is a prequel to the book Godhood.

“As storytellers, we all believe that movies should always engage and excite audiences and stimulate conversations long after the credits roll, and we can’t wait for audiences to experience Exceptional Beings Jan 31st,” shares co-director & writer Njedeh Anthony.

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The Gestalt Effect production company was founded 10 years ago to dive into all aspects of film production. “Creatures of Necessity” was their first North American release, which was released in November of 2022.

“Exceptional Beings” is the incredible creation of a vastly talented team of black filmmakers beginning with co-directors Njedeh Anthony (“Creatures of Necessity,” “Mind Crawlers”) and Christian Kazadi (“24 Hours Blind,” Blinkers”); written by Njedeh Anthony; produced by Njedeh Anthony and Justin Morgan; executive produced by Njedeh Anthony, Justin Morgan, Christian Kazadi and Kurtis Anton (“Monstrous,” “Blood Pageant”); director of cinematography Christian Kazadi; and editor Christian Kazadi; and production designer Justin Morgan. This incredible international film team are based in Los Angeles and busily prepping their next feature films.

Principal photography began in February 2021 in Los Angeles, California, during the height of the Covid outbreak, with every precaution and safety protocol taken for the safety of the cast and crew. “Exceptional Beings” was shot in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, New York and Lagos, Nigeria.

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