Day of the Stranger Comes to DVD

Day of the Stranger Poster

We reviewed the British, yes I said British, acid Western Day of the Stranger back in 2020 when it played at Horror-On-Sea. Thomas Lee Rutter (Bella in the Wych Elm) who wrote and directed it recently let me know that it’s finally coming out on DVD in the US on January 31st. Not only that but Guess whose review gets quoted on the back cover?

Day of the Stranger Back

Who did they quote on the front cover? None other than Alejandro Jodorowsky, the maker of El Topo, The Holy Mountain and whose unmade version of Dune is better than either of the two that got made. So I guess I’m in some pretty good company.


Day of the Stranger stars Dale Sheppard, Gary Baxter, Maryam Forouhandeh and Gary Shail. And watch for appearances by filmmakers Bazz Hancher (White Goods, Hate Little Rabbit) and Richard Rowbotham ( Lonnie Knutsengripper: Man, Myth, and Movies). You can pre-order a copy from Alpha Video for under ten dollars, that’s barely even a fistful.

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