New Trailer for Swallowed, Body Horror from the Director of The Ruins.

Swallowed Theatrical_rev

Since directing The Ruins back in 2008 Carter Smith has kept a pretty low profile, the most notable things he’s done being a pair of Keith Urban music videos. That’s certainly horror, but not the enjoyable kind. Anyway, he’s back with Swallowed which he refers to as a “slimy wild queer horror nightmare of a movie”. The press release summarizes the plot a little more politely “After a drug run goes bad – two childhood friends must survive a horrific night in a backwoods hell of drugs, bugs, and obscene intimacy in this queer horror nightmare.”

In any case, Swallowed has picked up several awards on the festival circuit and comes to VOD and on Digital platforms on February 14th via Momentum Pictures. Check out the stills and trailer below.


After a drug run goes bad, two friends must survive a nightmarish ordeal of drugs, bugs and horrific intimacy in this backwoods body-horror thriller.

Jena Malone, Mark Patton, Cooper Koch, Jose Colon


Directed By:
Carter Smith

Written By:
Carter Smith


Release Date:
On VOD and on Digital – February 14, 2023

Run Time: 94 minutes | Rating: R

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