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Black Mandala Takes Us “Into the Abyss”

The folks over at Black Mandela films sent over some info on their upcoming film Into the Abyss, or Me Encontrarás en lo Profundo del Abismowhich, which looks like it could be an interesting slice of post-apocalyptic Lovecraftian madness. There’s no mention of a release date but it has played a festival or two in its native Argentina. Check out the trailer and stills below.

“The sun will turn into darkness and the moon into blood…”

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Genre specialist Black Mandala presents the award-winning post-apocalyptic movie, “INTO THE ABYSS”, directed by Matías Rispau. This terrifying story had its world premiere at the Class A Mar del Plata Film Fest and won the “Best Director”, “Best Sound” and “Special Mention” at the last edition of the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Film Fest.

In the words of the director: “The film attracts by a proposal where the viewer can be carried away in the adventure by the classic form and style, with genres such as science fiction and terror, but without losing, at the same time, a personal and human nucleus with which many will be able to find themselves”.

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Martin Rispau; Germán Baudino (History of the Occult, What the Waters Left Behind /Netflix); Chucho Fernández; Paula Brasca; and the actor of Terrified (Netflix, Amazon, Shudder), Demián Salomón.

They came from heaven, installing perpetual night. Then the deluge that would change humanity forever. Bannon is trapped in the middle of a city isolated and covered by a black and rainy sky, which epitomizes the end and decay of the old world. Seeking to leave the condemned area, he will realize that his very existence drags the vestiges of that world and must be put to the test or perish in the Abyss.

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Director: Matías Xavier Rispau
Script: Matías Xavier Rispau, Boris C.Q.
Cast:  Martín Rispau, Germán Baudino, Chucho Fernández, Demián Salomón, Jorge Alagastino, Paula Brasca
Cinematography: Matías Xavier Rispau, Juan Facundo López
Art Director: Tania Covelli
Music:  Pablo Fuu
Sound Desing: Jordi Rispau
Editor: Matías Xavier Rispau
Producer: Matías Xavier Rispau
Associated Producers: Nicolás  Onetti, Michael Kraetzer

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