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Last Night (2022) Review

Last Night, a seven-minute short, is the most recent production from George James Fraser (Balletomane, Salt and Iron).

The plot is fairly simple, a bride-to-be (Sheri Lee, Scaring Sheri, The Assassination of Western Civilization) and two friends played by Katie Killourhy (The Victorian House Catering Company, College Murder Mystery) and Erica Stockwell-Alpert (Weekend Vampire, For the Good of the People) are celebrating her last night as a single woman. This involves lots of alcohol and lots of dick shaped decorations.

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Everything is going great, and then three Chippendale type dancers, Teddy Pryor (Black Vulture, Exeter at Midnight), Chad Williams, and Marco Aguirre (The Streets Run Red, The Chronic Adventure Story) arrive and take things to the next level. The only problem is, nobody remembers hiring them.

There’s not a lot to say about Last Night, it’s a straightforward and amusing film with as much comedy as there is horror., but how serious do you expect a film with a sign saying #Live, Laugh, Dicks to be? Fraser gets a lot of mileage out of a small cast and set which is really all the story calls for. And while the roles aren’t exactly complex, the cast is enthusiastic about playing them.

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On the technical side, cinematographer Mike OD makes everything look neon and fun until suddenly it isn’t fun. Jamie Cook (The Surrogate, No Signature Required) provides some nice practical effects for the film’s climax.

Last Night will be released to the festival circuit, starting with the Strange Maynard Independent Film Festival on May 6th. You can check the Stained Glass and Blood Bath Facebook Page for more dates.

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