First Clip Drops for The Strangers: Chapter 1

The Strangers Poster

First Clip Drops for The Strangers: Chapter 1

As you’ve probably heard, Renny Harlin is rebooting The Strangers, not as a single film, but as a trilogy. All three films were shot back to back to back and are scheduled for release next year. I’m a bigger fan of Harlin than I am of the two Strangers films we already have, so I have mixed feelings on the whole idea, but we’ll see how it turns out next year, I guess. In the meantime, the first clip has dropped, and you can check it out below.

The Strangers 1


From master director Renny Harlin (Cliffhanger, Die Hard 2, The Exorcist: The Beginning) comes a new trilogy of terror. In Chapter I Madelaine Petsch (TV’s “Riverdale”) stars as a young woman starting a new life with her fiancé. Suddenly, during a road trip stop in a remote vacation rental in the woods, they become the prey of a mysterious gang of masked strangers who attack without warning or reason. What begins as a fight to stay alive becomes one woman’s journey of courage and cunning in this horror series, bridging three compelling films.


Madelaine Petsch, Froy Gutierrez

The Strangers 1


Renny Harlin


Alan R. Cohen, Alan Freedland, Amber Loutfi

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