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Bigfoot Unleashed, Part VII (2023) Review

A seven-minute short film, Bigfoot Unleashed, Part VII is actually meant to be a film within a film and will appear in The Haunting of Prince Dom Pedro which is scheduled for release sometime in 2025. While it doesn’t tell me anything about the feature, in and of itself it’s an attention grabbing short.

This isn’t the first Bigfoot encounter for director Don Swanson (What Was Lost, Occurrence at Mills Creek) and writer Joe Fishel (Tuesday Night Fever, Robbie the Robbie Show). Fishel acted in Swanson’s A Wish for Giants a few years back. That however was a sentimental, family friendly film. This time out, the big guy doesn’t seem so friendly.

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Opening with clips from the first six instalments in the franchise, the same actress in the same makeup running screaming, Bigfoot Unleashed, Part VII is the story of a construction company secretary (Valena Zitello, Massacre Academy, Wolf Hollow) who has survived six previous encounters with the savage Sasquatch (Joe Fishel) and now faces the biggest threat to her survival of them all. Or at least until Part VIII.

A parody of creature features, especially the low budget ones, Bigfoot Unleashed, Part VII hits all the targets you would expect it to. From the cheesy looking Sasquatch suit to the chase through the woods and our heroine tripping for no apparent reason and the sequel setting final line “We get ready for the next time” it’s all there.

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Since it is only seven minutes long, there’s not much else there, but there really doesn’t need to be. Fans of the genre will get a laugh out of it and even spot a couple of references to more mainstream genre films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street as well.

Whether the plot of this film will have any relevance to that of the film it’s going to be presented in, or even if all seven minutes will be shown, remains to be seen. It is however currently playing festivals, and you can check The Haunting of Prince Dom Pedro’s Facebook page for updates on where it will play next.

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