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Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon Kickstarter Heads Into the Final Stretch

You know, I rarely post for crowdfunding campaigns, but there’s no way I couldn’t get behind a final push for the long awaited sequel to Deathgasm. With the original director and cast members returning, the most important elements are there.

Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon’s plot involves Brodie bringing the band members who didn’t survive the first film back from the grave in order to win a recording contract and win back Medina, who’s left him for an Emo-core vocalist. Of course things get out of hand and once again the dead walk, and eat. There’s a full plot rundown on the Kickstarter page, but here’s an appetizer…

The metalhead splatter insanity returns in the sequel to 2015’s comedy horror hit, DEATHGASM. After thwarting a demon apocalypse (which he helped to create) Brodie is mourning the death of his best friend – the charmingly psychopathic Zakk. Unemployed and without ambition, his girlfriend Medina breaks up with him, sending him further into despair.

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Determined to get Medina back and find some self-worth, Brodie decides to reform his heavy metal band DEATHGASM in order to win the upcoming ‘Metal Quest’, a battle-of-the-bands which will be attended by record company executives. But the auditions for new bandmates to replace the deceased Zakk and Dion go badly. To make matters worse, Medina has started dating the lead singer of a local Emo-Core band who are tipped to win.

Brodie hesitantly decides to once again use black magic, and with the help of the now one-armed drummer Giles, they attempt to raise their dead band members from the grave. After a few terrifying failures, they finally succeed. But Undead Zakk is unpredictable & reckless, and able to detach body parts at will. Brodie also struggles to keep Zakk and Dion focused as their hunger for eating the intestines of live humans grows.

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Besides that, Raven Banner is involved to help the film find distribution, not that that should be a problem given the original’s following. They also have Matt Heafy from Trivium and Ibaraki on board to do the score, along with cameos from GWAR, Onyx the Fortuitous, and more planned. FX legend Steven Kostanski is also on board to help with the film’s over-the-top FX needs.

So head over to the Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon Kickstarter before the campaign ends on Tuesday and make a donation. This is one campaign that looks like it can deliver what it’s promising. And after you contribute, you can follow the film’s progress on Facebook and Instagram.

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