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Hellvira on the Run (2023) Review

Why is Hellvira on the run? Who is Hellvira, for that matter? Hellvira (Sushii Xhyvette Holder, Swamp Woman, Kill-Cam) has just escaped from hell and is determined to become a Horror Hostess, but to do that she’s going to need a little help from her friends. 

Actually, the first person she needs help from is a stranger Jax, one of two roles played by Michael McGlynn (Bloody Summer Camp, Shriekshow). He has something she needs, a working phone, but he’s not in the mood to share. A guest spot on the game show “Win a Date with Hellvira” along with Stabby the Clown (Danny Langston, Wolf Hollow, Macabre Mountain) and Doctor Oblivion (Sully Walker, The Call, Twisted Justice) may cure that, though.

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Once she gets the phone, Hellvira on the Run turns into a series of short sketches as she calls some familiar faces looking for some help. And while Malvolia (Jennifer Nangle, Amityville Karen, Book of Creatures) may not be too happy to hear from her, others such as Miss Misery (Reyna Young, Miss Misery’s Movie Massacre, Monster of Golden Gate) and Al Omega (Creature Features, House of Temptation) are happy to help, and she can count on Mr. Nanners, voiced by Al Burke (Hollywood Werewolf, Lockdown) for immoral support.

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Writer/director Morgan Welborn (Wicked Jack: Ethereal Pilgrim) shot Hellvira on the Run as a proof of concept for a feature, Hellvira’s Haunted Asylum of Horror, that will have Hellvira and her crew hosting a showing of Night of the Living Dead. And he’s presented a pretty strong case for it getting made.

With Beetlejuice’s striped outfit and Harley Quinn’s makeup on Sushii Xhyvette Holder’s body, the character is certainly eye catching. The humour is a mixed bag, some of it didn’t do anything for me, but most of it hits the target. At points, though, the film seems to be holding back where it wants to get considerably raunchier, something I’d be all for.

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Hellvira on the Run is currently available to stream on Cineverse. You can check on Facebook for other platforms and Indiegogo for news on the feature.

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