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Ed Westwick Plays A DarkGame on the Dark Web

A killer playing deadly games on the Dark Web, that idea goes back at least as far as Dario Argento’s The Card Player, and it’s continued on through Red Rooms and Death Count. Now we have DarkGame with Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl and most recently Deep Fear as the cop out to stop the masked figure known only as The Presenter, played by Andrew P Stephen from live-streaming death and depravity for your viewing, and betting, pleasure.

Director Howard J. Ford may have an uneven track record, but he does have The Dead and The Ledge to his credit and Niall Johnson, who co-wrote DarkGames along with Gary Grant, gave us the Michael Keaton ghost story White Noise way back when.  We’ll find out if this game is worth playing when Gravitas Ventures releases it in theatres on February 29th.

DarkGame 4

A police detective races to save the captives of a dark web game show, where the losers are executed via live broadcast. For the sadistic masked host, this is all part of his master plan to gain ratings.

DarkGame 1

Ed Westwick, Andrew P. Stephen, Natalya Tsvetkova, Lola Wayne, Rose Reynolds & Rory Alexander

Directed by
Howard J. Ford

DarkGame 3

Written by:
Gary Grant & Niall Johnson

Produced by:
Tom George

DarkGame 2
YouTube video
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