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The Omicron Killer (2024) Review

The Omicron Killer opens with a replay of the best part of The Covid Killer. That was the end, which was an homage to Nighthawks, a highly underrated action film starring Sylvester Stallone and Rutger Hauer. From there it jumps forward a year and New York City is facing the threat of a copycat dubbed The Omicron Killer (Paugh Shadow, Orchard Beach, Iron Fist).

We know this because a news report is playing on the TV as we see him take his latest victim, who looks a lot like the cop who took down the original killer. As he’s leaving the scene, he crosses paths with a trio of muggers. He kills them, but collapses from his own wounds. Captain Louise Callahan (Lynn Lowry, Necropolis: Legion, I Drink Your Blood) arrives on the scene and tells them to take him to the hospital.

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While this is going on, The Covid Cult, led by Edie Schaefer (Felissa Rose, Sleepaway Camp, Knifecorp) are performing a ritual to raise The Covid Killer from the dead. It doesn’t seem to accomplish much, but that may be due to them confusing the stroke of midnight with a bright, sunny afternoon.

Once he’s taken to the hospital, we get to watch Dr. Frueger (Richard Bernstein, Orchard Beach), who seems to be unfamiliar with the concept that some people can’t speak, constantly harassing Mr. Omicron for not answering his questions. Even worse, Nurse Nancy (Bai Ling, Phoenix, Scalper) starts coming on to him. That’s enough to snap him out of his coma and start a new killing spree.

The Omicron Killer was directed and written by Jeff Knite (The Covid Killer, Waiting for Howard Stern), with Paugh Shadow and Johnny Careccia (The Covid Killer, The Covid Killer Song) having credits for “contributing to treatment”. How it took three people to come up with this is beyond me.

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The killer is simply a fat, mute guy with zero character traits apart from a fondness for crowbars. There’s the mismatched cops Healy O’Malley (Johnny Careccia) and Brock Callahan (Jeff Knite) who are supposed to be funny but are just annoyingly stupid. Making one of them the Captain’s son adds nothing to the plot. And the plot could have used some additions because The Omicron Killer is so low on ideas it had to be padded out with multiple flashbacks to the original as well as things happening earlier in the film.

The killer does randomly take a couple of victims at a strip club and interrupts another’s bubble bath so the filmmakers can put some skin on the screen. But that and a couple of practical gore effects are the closest The Omicron Killer ever gets to feeling like a classic slasher.

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I do have one other positive thing I can say about The Omicron Killer. Director Jeff Knite admits who he is in the 10 out 0f 10 review he gives it on IMDB. Too bad he doesn’t admit the other 10/10 reviews from accounts that only rated his films, are him and/or his buddies as well. If you’re going to post fake reviews to try and draw in viewers, at least try to keep them believable., or better yet, make a good film to begin with.

Calling this film bad would be an understatement. It’s a relentlessly dull film that wastes several familiar faces as it stumbles about as aimlessly as its title character. It wants potential viewers to think that it’s an edgy horror film, instead, it’s more like L.A. AIDS Jabber, a sensational title for a bland movie.

BayView Entertainment has released The Omicron Killer in desperate, excuse me, selected theatres. Streaming and Blu-ray availability has yet to be announced.

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