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Cocaine Roach (2024) Review

We’ve had cocaine fuelled bears, sharks and cougars, now comes possibly the most disturbing thought of all, Cocaine Roach. I mean roaches are disgusting enough as it is, just imagine them hyped up on coke. Although I suppose we should be glad that writer Robert D. Parham (Bullets Blades and Blood, The Thirst) and co-director Rene Margary (Love Code) didn’t decide to make them meth heads.

That won’t be much consolation for Jamal (Josh Alvin) who gives his buddy Skee (Gary Turner, Jackson Bolt, Murder Junkie) and Skee’s new girl Tanisha (Elise Hollywood Evans, Snow Black, Mad As Hell) a lift to see Ra’Manga (Tory Scroggins, Feystrom, The Feudalists) and score some weed.

Instead, they find themselves locked in the stash house with Ra’Manga’s enforcer, and Tonisha’s ex, Omar (Marlon Kenoly, Redemption Value, The Two Gamers), a large amount of cocaine and an even larger infestation of drug crazed roaches.

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Mixed in with all of this is a lot of a faux reality show, The Diva Big Deal Show with Elise Hollywood Evans taking on a second role as The Diva and Ronkat Spearman (Doggie B) as her sidekick. We also see the one person who can let our heroes out of the stash house trying to get luck at the bar and various DEA Agents planning a bust.

For celebrity cameos there’s Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs who, despite mostly being known for Welcome Back Kotter, has a career that stretches from the original Death Wish through Escape from Death Block 13 and the show A House Divided. Todd Senofonte who was Jean-Claude Van Damme’s stunt double on several films including Pound of Flesh and Legionnaire as well as the film’s writer/director whose acting career stretches back to Under Siege with Steven Segal.

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All of this is stuffed into a film that runs just over an hour, which means Cocaine Roach never really has time to drag. And there is always something going on, much of which had me chuckling as it parodies reality TV, action movies, horror films and anything else that crossed the filmmaker’s minds. As a result, the roaches themselves feel like just another subplot at times, which I think was intentional as you can only get so much out of four people trapped with a bunch of roaches.

Cocaine Roach isn’t a full on comedy though and does have its serious side. There’s a subplot about Tanisha’s young daughter who’s been left home alone while mommy goes partying as well as some of the scenes between Tanisha and Omar concerning the girl. And while some of the scenes with the roaches are obviously meant to draw laughs the attacks are played straight and the effects are actually better than expected for a film with this kind of budget,

And the budget for Cocaine Roach was obviously quite low, which puts it on a par with the other cocaine and meth addicted creature features. In terms of quality and enjoyability it’s middle of the pack. It’s much better than Cocaine Shark and Cocaine Cougar but not quite on a level with Attack of the Meth Gator and the film that started it all, Cocaine Bear. I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s also probably better than the upcoming Cocaine Werewolf as well.

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If you like microbudget and DIY films you’ll have a good time with Cocaine Roach. It’s short enough that the idea doesn’t wear itself out, has some decent effects and most importantly of all, it doesn’t take itself overly seriously. It won’t make you forget the roach scene from Creepshow, but you’ll still have a good time, with or without the cocaine.

There’s no release date announced for Cocaine Roach, but you can check the film’s Facebook page for an announcement.

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    I’m looking forward to another Dr. Parham production & I enjoyed reading your comments. They were very insightful.

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