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You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In (2024) Review

After The Dead Hate the Living! and The Hills Run Red, Dave Parker was getting referred to as the next big thing in horror. Then in 2012 he made ColdWater which sat on the shelf for four years before being dumped on the streaming market as It Watches, killing his career momentum in the process. In the years since, he’s only directed one feature, Puppet Master: Doktor Death, and a pair of compilations, all for Full Moon. His new film, You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In, is a Tubi Original, and I’m not sure if that’s a step up or down career wise, but at least it’s a directing gig.

It begins with Kelsey (Diana Gardner, Horizon Forbidden West, Vampire the Masquerade – Justice) and her friend Blake (Nathaniel Ansbach, Annihilation of Self, Inner City Rats) taking a train across Italy to get to the location of Rochelle (Isabella Egizi, Headshots, Sugar Town) and Richard’s (Davide Nurra, Del mio amore non ridere) wedding. Blake tells her to forget about work and enjoy the trip, but something is obviously bothering her.

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Kelsey is regretting agreeing to be part of the wedding party, in part due to how her friend has gotten since she became a successful influencer. And in a larger part because she and Richard were a couple before Rochelle broke them up. But be that as it may, she’s here, and goes out to the club with the bride to be, Blake and the maid of honour Jenny (Anastasiya Bogach, Twin Flower, Issa). Brianna (Giulia Nunnari, Ryan’s Rhapsody) was supposed to join them, but nobody can get a hold of her. If they’d bothered to watch the prologue, they’d know why.

Writer Michael Lucid has written several shorts, including Mulberry Commons and Phone Friends. His co-writer Mary O’Neil has several shorts as well as a feature, Second Chance Christmas, to her credit. She might also be familiar to genre fans from her role in last year’s film, Malum. Despite nothing overt happening after You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In’s opening scenes, they do a good job of keeping things interesting and working in some familiar beats, such as a portrait with a woman in it who looks a lot like Kelsey.

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It’s not until they meet Victor (Fabián Castro, Paradise Hills, Wild Awakening) who owns both the club and the villa they’re staying at, that things kick into gear. Yes, Victor is a vampire and Kelsey the reincarnation of his lost love. Fortunately, the guy Blake hooked up with, Dario (Riccardo Angelini, The Secret of Loch Ness II, Freaks Out), comes from a long line of vampire hunters.

You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In never takes itself too seriously, which is a good thing for a film like this, although lines like “A vampire? What is this, a Twilight movie?” might be taking it a bit too far. But the filmmakers aren’t trying to create anything overly serious. A few thrills and a hint of decadence are all they’re after, and they deliver it nicely.

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You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In was filmed on location in Italy and benefits from having a beautiful villa as the setting for much of the film’s action. I’m not sure if the tunnels under it were a set or an actual location, but they add to the overall creep factor as well. Being as this is a Tubi Original, there aren’t that many effects, but what there are look good, that includes a throat cutting and a look at a vampire in its natural form.

While it may not singly handedly resurrect Parker’s career, You Shouldn’t Have Let Me proves he can make a fun and entertaining, if lightweight, genre film. And I’d much rather see him making more films like this than most of the Tubi Originals that we usually get.

One of the better Tubi Originals, You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In is available on, where else, Tubi.

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