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Welcome Villain Films Acquires “Puzzle Box”

This year’s Unnamed Footage Festival was already on a lot of fan’s radar with the debut of Tahoe Joe 2, Horror in the High Desert 3: Firewatch and an alternate cut of The Outwaters. You can another title to that list, Puzzle Box, which Welcome Villain Films has picked up for release ahead of its screening on the 29th. The story of an addict who decides to seclude herself in a remote cabin along with her sister, who comes along for support and to document the process, it received strong reviews at this year’s Popcorn Frights where it made its debut. When the cabin seems to become an inescapable prison, much like the title structure in Cube, addiction becomes the least of their problems.

Now we’ve seen the house that turns into a maze idea done in more than a few films, so I’m curious to see what makes Puzzle Box’s take on it so special. Welcome Villain plans a summer release, so it shouldn’t be too long until I can find out.

Los Angeles, CA – March 25, 2024 – Welcome Villain Films, the genre studio that released last year’s MALUM and BEATEN TO DEATH, has announced yet another acquisition for 2024: the supernatural, mind-bending horror hit PUZZLE BOX. The film is set to screen at the Unnamed Footage Festival on Friday, March 29, with a release expected to follow in the coming months. PUZZLE BOX marks the sixth film from Welcome Villain Films since 2023.

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Written and directed by Jack Dignan, PUZZLE BOX follows recovering drug addict Kait, who flees to a house in the woods to self-rehabilitate. Joined by her sister Olivia, who decides to document the process, strange things begin to happen as the house’s layout mysteriously begins to change, and the two find themselves trapped inside an inescapable, nightmarish puzzle box of a house.

PUZZLE BOX premiered at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival, where it was met with strong sentiment, being compared to the likes of BLACK MIRROR and THE TWILIGHT ZONE mixed with all-out horror. Its filmmaker, Jack Dignan, has even been compared to the likes of genre great and fellow Australian James Wan. The film has gained some international traction as well, earning Best International Feature at the Dead Northern Horror Film Festival in the UK. Critics have largely praised the film, calling it “a lean, mean, single-location found footage horror that plays with space in creative ways,” and that “Dignan comes out swinging for his sophomore feature and delivers a haunting and harrowing journey into a paranoia filled rabbit hole that pulls you along the disturbing pathway into a perpetual void.”

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“We are in the golden age of horror right now, and it’s a moment I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of,” says filmmaker Jack Dignan. “My first film, AFTER SHE DIED, was described as being akin to experiencing a dream. If that film was the dream, then my new film PUZZLE BOX is the nightmare. This is a terrifying, mind-bending found footage horror flick that’ll scare you, move you and give you an experience you truly cannot prepare yourself for, and there’s no better home for it than with Welcome Villain Films. This is a company that understands horror, champions the genre, and takes a strategic approach to each film, and I’m so stoked to be releasing my film with such wonderful people.”

PUZZLE BOX will screen at the Unnamed Footage Festival on March 29th, as well as the virtual event to be held at a later date. Welcome Villain Films has also come on board as official headline sponsor of UFF24, now with two films playing at the festival. “PUZZLE BOX is an incredibly thoughtful and surprising take on addiction that also delivers on the scares and creepiness in a big way,” states Welcome Villain Films’ Head of Development Luke LaBeau. “What Jack and Morgan were able to pull off here is nothing short of remarkable, and is reminiscent of classic mind-bending horror but with a memorable and effective “found footage” twist. We’re honored to add PUZZLE BOX to the Welcome Villain family, and we’re excited to watch horror fans and movie lovers embrace this unique and terrifying experience. ”A release date for the film is coming soon, with Welcome Villain eyeing a Summer release.

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PUZZLE BOX was written and directed by Jack Dignan, a rising star in the Australian film scene, with this being a follow-up to his award-winning debut feature AFTER SHE DIED. The film was produced by Morgan Wright and Dignan, who also edited the film. Kaitlyn Boye stars as Kait, Laneikka Denne co-stars as Olivia, with supporting roles from Cassandre Girard, Janelle McMenamin, Matias Klaver and Hazel Pompeani. PUZZLE BOX was shot on location in Sydney and Canberra, Australia.

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