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Mickey Rourke Stars In Scout Taylor Compton’s Directorial Debut BRING THE LAW

Not a lot to this press release we received, not even a poster or a couple of stills, I had to grab the one I used from Deadline. But it’s just interesting enough I had to post it anyway. Production has wrapped on Scout Taylor Compton’s directorial debut. And another alumnus of the Halloween films, Danielle Harris, is in the cast that also includes Mickey Rourke, Brendan Fehr, and Nicky Whelan. The script is by Josh Ridgway whose work has been hit or miss but includes the excellent werewolves/time travel film High Moon and the alligators in a prison flick Flood.

Scout Taylor Compton Makes Directorial Debut with BRING THE LAW; Mickey Rourke and Peter Facinelli Among the Cast.

Scout Taylor Compton makes directorial debut with BRING THE LAW; Mickey Rourke and Peter Facinelli among cast.

Production has wrapped on “Bring the Law”, an action thriller that marks the directorial debut of actress Scout Taylor Compton.

The film, hailing from Hillin Entertainment and produced by Daemon Hillin and Carolina Brasil, stars Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke, Peter Facinelli (Twilight), Nicky Whelan (The Flood), Danielle Harris (Halloween), Brendan Fehr (“Roswell”), and Leah Pipes (“The Originals”).

A grieving homicide detective is chosen to lead a task force in Los Angeles to stop a criminal organization and soon unravels a conspiracy involving corruption in his own department.

Film Bridge International will be repping the project for the world.

Written by Josh Ridgway and Story By Daniel Figueiredo.

Says Hillin, “After collaborating with Scout as an actor across five films, I’ve truly witnessed her profound understanding of filmmaking, as she consistently engaged in insightful discussions about vision. It became evident to me that it was her moment to step into the director’s chair. Scout’s remarkable talent and prowess as a director are undeniable. This project marks just the beginning of our fruitful collaborations.”

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