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We Will Find You (2023) Review

A man searching for the killer of a family member. That’s a plot that’s powered a lot of movies, including We Will Find You, (Te Encontraremos), a twenty-minute short about Vinny (Judson Vaughan, Dragonflies Only Live for 24 Hours, The Mystery of Mr E) who has spent two and a half years tracking down Francisco (Emilio Salgado), the man who killed his brother Tom (Tom Vaughan).

He’s finally found him, in the Spanish costal city of Galicia, when their boss Gerry (Kevin Stewart, Glow & Darkness, Silent Cargo) wanting to see Tom’s killing avenged as well. But in this line of work, things are rarely what they appear to be.

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Apart from starring, Judson Vaughan also wrote, directed and edited We Will Find You as well as pitching in with the cinematography and sound design. This is very definitely his film, and he’s done a good job of making something interesting out of what could have been a bland and familiar story.

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The film paces itself nicely, building the suspense gradually by way of flashbacks and voiceover as Vinny tails his target while he waits for Gerry’s arrival. There’s also footage of some kind of celebration being held in the city, which Vaughn uses to add some colour and production value to the film. It may not be the same as a Bond film incorporating Mardi Gras into the plot, but it does make We Will Find You look like a bigger film than it is.

The small cast does well in their roles, credibly playing characters who all have something to hide and their lives riding on keeping it that way up until the final confrontation. It’s even more impressive when you realize only Kevin Stewart and Judson Vaughn have any experience acting.

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Overall, We Will Find You is an entertaining short that does a lot with a very little. Vaughn says his next film will be in a different genre and will have a bigger budget, it will be interesting to see what the results are.

You can check the production company’s Facebook page for festival screenings of We Will Find You.

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