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Ape X Mecha Ape: New World Order (2024) Review

Ape X Mecha Ape: New World Order is the third film in a trilogy that The Asylum began in Ape vs Monster and continued in Ape vs Mecha Ape. Or more likely the third film in a series that will last as long as there are magabudget Kong vs Godzilla films to provide inspiration for their mockbuster franchise.

Ape X Mecha Ape: New World Order starts in 2007, Abraham the chimp is orbiting Earth when something large approaches the capsule and briefly cuts off contact between and NASA. Seventeen years later, the now kaiju sized simian is angrily stomping around his home on Watkins Island, much to the concern of Hank (Jared Rivet, Slashercise, Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar) and Mariana (Ashley Ahlquist, Frankenstein, Missouri, Super Volcano).

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Naomi (Ashley Dakin, Betrayed by My Bridesmaid, Who Needs You) is also upset, the cruise ship her parents were on has disappeared without a trace. When the authorities can’t come up with any answers, she, along with fellow reporter Sarah (Bix Krieger, Monster Mash, Sin City Murders) launch their own investigation. One of the first things they discover is the ship was in the vicinity of Watkins Island.

Unlike the last Asylum film I reviewed, Earthquake Underground, Ape X Mecha Ape: New World Order wasn’t mage as a Tubi original, in fact it even played a handful of theatres. That means that writer/director Marc Gottlieb (Megalodon: The Frenzy, Cousin Howard) had something resembling a budget to work with here.

While that means that we get to see Abraham, a rebuilt Mecha Ape, now piloted by Rio Tsukumoto (Jessica DeBonville, Corbin Nash, Bodyguard Seduction) and an ancient God which is supposed to be Cthulhu, only pronounced closer to the way Lovercraft intended, khlûl′-hloo. They’re all part of a plot that revolves around a cult with some highly placed members who intend to bring the Old Gods back into power. How they managed to escape detection all these years with names like Eve Lemuria (Sean Young, Jug Face, Planet Dune) is something of a mystery.

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Ape X Mecha Ape: New World Order doesn’t have a very intricate plot, especially for a film rooted in a conspiracy. But a superficial as it is, it is enough of a plot to hang a few monster battles on and to keep things interesting when the creatures aren’t on the screen, something you can’t say for a lot of kaiju films. I do wish they had gone at least a bit deeper into it, as the final shot hints that we’ll be seeing more of the cult in the franchise’s next film as well. Unless, of course, they find a better idea to rip off, I mean use for inspiration, in the meantime.

Despite having a better budget than the company’s direct to Tubi films, the monster battles in Ape X Mecha Ape: New World Order are still relatively brief, although the CGI is better than I expected. Of course, they happen in unpopulated areas like Watkins Island and Arizona’s Meteor Crater National Park. When one of them does reach civilization, the destruction is shown via stock footage.

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Between the way the design of the Mecha Ape resembles the Mecha Kong from Toho’s King Kong Escapes and a plot that, if you switch out the cultists with aliens and their human collaborators, resembles several 70s Godzilla films, the film has a bit of a retro vibe. It’s too bad they couldn’t have shot a little footage of some miniature buildings being crushed to complete the effect.

If you’re familiar with The Asylum’s creature features, then you have an idea what to expect. And if you like them, you should like Ape X Mecha Ape: New World Order, as it’s one of their better ones. That also means those on the fence about them should consider giving it a shot, especially since it’s a fairly cheap rental.

The Asylum gave Ape X Mecha Ape: New World Order a limited theatrical release earlier this month, and it’s now available on Digital Platforms.

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