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Chuck Norris and Marc Singer Battle Aliens in “Agent Recon”.

Two 80s action heroes, Chuck Norris and Marc Singer, come out of retirement to save the world from aliens in the new film Agent Recon from writer/director/actor Derek Ting. Ting has previously made Agent in 2017,which I vaguely recall seeing, and Agent Revelation in 2021 both of which also involved aliens attacking Earth. The film’s publicity doesn’t mention whether or not there’s a connection, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is.

While Norris and Singer both racked up a long list of credits, they’ve also both been missing in action for over a decade. Agent Recon will be Norris’ first feature since The Expendables 2 in 2012. Singer, who also has an action comedy Team of Two coming out this year, hasn’t done a feature since The Last Letter in 2013. Hopefully they decided to come out of retirement because the script was so good, not because they need the money.


And, for a sci-fi/action film done on a budget, the trailer for Agent Recon looks fairly good and, assuming it doesn’t contain all the action that’s in the film, this could be an enjoyable exercise in nostalgia along the line of the old PM Entertainment releases. We’ll find out when Quiver Distribution releases it to Digital and VOD Platforms on June 21st.

A covert military task force tracks a mysterious energy disturbance at a secret base in New Mexico that is suspected of experimenting on alien technology. Once there, the team encounters an unknown being of extraordinary strength and speed, and the ability to control an army of mindless warriors. The trio must fight through the unstoppable hordes to prevent humanity’s demise.


Derek Ting, with Marc Singer and Chuck Norris

Directed & Written by:
Derek Ting

On Digital and On Demand:
June 21, 2024


Quiver Distribution

Run Time:
84 minutes

YouTube video

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