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Levi Miller Faces the Horrors of Trench Warfare in “Before Dawn”

World War I has been the subject of many films, from the real life horrors of Gallipoli, 1917, and Forbidden Ground to Trench 11 and Deathwatch. The best known of these films is, of course, All Quiet on the Western Front, about the battle to breach Germany’s “Siegfried Line”.

Now, from Australia comes Before Dawn, which looks at that same battle from the perspective of a young Australian farmer who finds himself on the front lines of what was naively called The War to End All Wars.

Based on the accounts of ANZAC soldiers, Before Dawn was written by Jarrad Russell and Jordon Prince-Wright, who also directed. The cast is composed of up-and-coming performers such as Levi Miller and Travis Jeffery, with veteran performer Myles Pollard as Sgt. Beaufort. Judging by the trailer, it looks like this could be a solid drama, although it remains to be seen if there are any new stories to tell about the war at this point.

We’ll find out on July 19th when Well Go USA releases Before Dawn in theatres and to Digital Platforms in the US and Canada.


After leaving his family’s sheep farm in the Australian outback, a young man joins his countrymen on the western front of World War I with hopes of helping expedite an end to the bloody conflict. But as war rages on, he is forced to grapple with the brutal realities of trench warfare, including a near-constant battle to keep himself alive—without leaving another man behind.

Levi Miller, Travis Jeffery, Myles Pollard, Tim Franklin, Jordan Dulieu, introducing Peter Sullivan, with Ed Oxenbould and Stephen Peacocke


Directed by:
Jordon Prince-Wright

Written by:
Jarrad Russell, based on the story and characters by Jordon Prince-Wright and Jarrad Russell

In Theatres and On Digital:
July 19, 2024


100 minutes

Well Go USA

YouTube video

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