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Uncork’d Entertainment Explores “The Mandela Effect Phenomenon”

The Mandala Effect is a false memory shared by a large group of people. Taking its name from Fiona Broome and many others’ belief that they saw newspaper headlines in the 1980s announcing Nelson Mandela’s death. In actuality, he died in 2013 after being released from prison in 1990 and serving as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.

Other common examples include remembering the line “No, I am your father.” from The Empire Strikes Back as “Luke, I am your father.” and thinking that the comedian Sinbad played a genie in a movie called Shazam. He didn’t play a genie in it or any other movie. Or Humphry Bogart’s immortal line, “Play it again, Sam.” The actual line is actually “Play it, Sam”, and it’s spoken by Ingrid Bergman. That’s one that I’m afflicted with, despite having seen Casablanca more times than I can remember.


Robert Kiviat’s film The Mandela Effect Phenomenon examines these phenomena and some people’s belief that it’s the result of some entity editing and combining various timelines. Or maybe it, rather than a glitch in people’s brains, it’s a glitch in The Matrix itself. While I tend to skeptical of these claims, I am curious what kind of proof the believers have to offer. If you are too, you can find out on July 9th when Uncork’d Entertainment releases The Mandela Effect Phenomenon to Digital Platforms.

Something mind-blowing is happening, where half the people swear reality’s been altered, like they’re from another timeline. Millions claim movies are different, and TV show titles, celebrities’ names, logos and brands, other cultural touchstones and even the Bible are not what they once were. Is a supernatural force “Editing” history?


Mark Laflamme, Jacob Israel, Robert Kiviat

Directed & Written by:
Robert Kiviat


Run Time: 92 minutes | Rating: Not Rated

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