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Alien Hunt (2024) Review

With a new Alien film on the horizon, you know there was going to be a mockbuster to cash in on it. So the arrival of Alien Hunt is no surprise. What may be a surprise is that it isn’t The Asylum, but busy indie filmmaker Aaron Mirtes (The OctoGames, The Alpha Test).

In the opening scenes, the threat isn’t so much from the alien (Adam Pietripaoli, Child of Love, The Bigfoot Trap) as it is from other humans as a pair of animal control officers responding to a call about a wild dog are summarily executed by Sergeant Waters (Chelsey Fuller, Sigma Die!, Best Laid Plans). Her superior, Dr. Edmondson (Jesse Santoyo, Nashville Country Christmas, Potter’s Ground) is pragmatic about it, “Bring me the bodies, we can use them.”

Five years later, Emily (Megan Nielsen, Damascus Mountain Time, Gritty Romance) has just lost her job. To take her mind off of things she agrees to come back home and go hunting with her brothers Mark (Barron Boedecker, Escape Pod, Hot Air) and JJ (Brent Bentley, The Perfect In-Laws, The Diner) and their friend Amir (Deiondre Teagle, Death Ranch, Don’t Date Your Sister).

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Can you guess where they’re going? Can you guess who, and what, is still there?

If you haven’t seen one of Mirtes’ films before, then I should mention that while they’re not microbudget films, they are very low budget. And while he’s fairly good at working around that lack of cash, he doesn’t seem to have tried to make Alien Hunt look good. The most noticeable problem is what we’re supposed to believer is a top secret government project involving captured aliens that has a whole two people working on it. There’s an obviously mad scientist and a single security person, and a couple of pieces of equipment in a cave, that’s it.

At one point, Waters tells a park ranger there are others, but he says he’s never seen them, and neither do we. Couldn’t Mirtes have gotten a couple of buddies to walk around in camo and then die off-screen if there wasn’t money to film the creature taking them out? It would have made things look at least a bit more plausible.

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The other plot point that had me shaking my head was having four people go hunting with one gun between them. Emily hasn’t been hunting since she was a kid, but the others should have their rifles. It’s an extremely improbable way of keeping the odds against our heroes There’s also a ridiculous argument about “White Privilege” and “Yankee Privilege” in the middle of what should have been a tense standoff.

You can also forget about the “formidable army of alien soldiers” the film’s PR talks about. There’s one creature and its name is Trixie, that’s it. On the plus side, it is a practical effect, as are the few bits of gore we see. But it looks like an actor in an Alien costume they got for Halloween. And for some reason, rather than sticking to night scenes and keeping it behind trees, etc. they keep showing it out in the open during the day when its shortcomings are all too obvious.

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I was hoping for a fun bit of low budget monster mayhem from Alien Hunt. While I knew I wasn’t going to get another Predator, I would have loved something like Without Warning or some of the cheesier Italian variations like Shocking Dark. What I got was a dull mess that even the filmmaker didn’t seem to give a shit about, because he can, and has, done much better.

Devilworks has released Alien Hunt to Digital Platforms.

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