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Cold Blooded (2014/2024)

The titles for Cold Blooded say it’s the “Remastered Special 10th Anniversary Edition With Never Before Seen Footage”. Which means it would have been shot in 2014, making it director Alexander T. Hwang’s (Something in the Woods, Shelter) first film, although I can’t find any mention of it ever having been released.

The number of lens flares and jerky edits in the opening sequence of a couple hiking in the dark are attacked by an unseen creature, tend to support that, as his other films that I’ve seen tend to be better made. It also claims to have been assembled from found footage before showing us what are fairly obviously conventional shot scenes.

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Detective Hopkins (Geoff Hartman, Entanglement, 42nd and Vine) and Danielle (Melanie Friedrich, Always With You, Come Before Winter) his technical analyst arriving to interview John Morgan (Frank Tryon, The Last Drive In, One Request) about one of his station’s news crews who were missing. They’re still missing, but their cameras and footage has been recovered.

Writer Paul McFall (Lilith, Locked In) gives the viewer a first act that leans into soap opera style interpersonal conflict, much of it centred around the womanizing John who seems to be, or have been, involved with every woman at the station. Rather amusingly, the police mistake his latest fancy, Christie, (Baylee Curran, Backtrace, The Memory Scanner) for his daughter. It’s not what I tuned in for, but it does give the filmmakers an excuse to put some skin on the screen.

Eventually, Brittany (Ashley Forte, Kingdom of Sin, Queen of Spades), Kelly (Darri Kristin, Prey In Cold Blood, Lookin’ for Some Posse), Charles (Omari Washington, Bunnyman Vengeance, Night Cops) and Blake (Raymond Vinsik Williams, Moon of the Blood Beast, Apex Predators) head out to the desert to do a story on a string of disappearances and go from covering the news to being the news.

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Cold Blood is like a lot of low budget films of its time, it’s actually a better than quite a few of them in the fact some effort went into creating some mystery, with Detective Hopkins initially suspecting John and a local cop warning the news crew about a hermit named Herman (Gabriel Lane, Where Birds Don’t Fly, Santa Muerte). Whether Herman the Hermit thinks he’s Henry the Eighth or not isn’t mentioned.

It also manages not to be all talk, and show as well as tell. There aren’t a lot of effects, and they’re not all that special, but at least there are some. Which is more than many early found footage films can say. The problem is, there are so many careless mistakes that take away from the film. It’s supposed to be found footage, but there are several long sequences of the news crew shot through the windshield of a moving car, a shower scene where you can see the actress’s panties in a couple of shots, etc.

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Having not seen the original cut, I can’t be sure what was added in, though the scene with Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, A Nun’s Curse) talking on the phone to one of the main characters, who we don’t hear, feels spliced in. Some of the other shots of random victims, such as the opening scenes with Noel Gugliemi (The Fast and the Furious, Breakout) and Destiny Dawn Osmialowski (Final Girlz, Perpetual Night) may also have been added after the fact, but others are either referenced by the cops examining the footage, or the actors look like they did back in 2014.

Overall, Cold Blooded is a flawed first feature, but it still manages to be fun, even if it’s not always for the right reasons. There are several appearances by performers from the horror and adult film world for viewers to spot, as well as some bloody monster mayhem. Approached in the right frame of mind, it should keep viewers entertained.

Cold Blooded is currently available on Tubi. There doesn’t appear to be a trailer, however.

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