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Is This the Bed We Lie In? (2019) Review

A five-minute short from Joseph McGovern (Hush, All Over Again), Is This the Bed We Lie In? is one of those films that, while obviously much quicker to watch than a feature, can be much harder to write about without giving everything away while trying to say what it is I liked about it.

The script, written by McGovern and the film’s two actors, focuses on a conversation between Jennifer (Constance Reshey, Hush, All Over Again) and her husband Robert (Joel Blanco, All Over Again). She feels unsatisfied and wants, perhaps needs, something different in her life. Robert for his part is caught off guard, and who can blame him.

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It’s a fragment in what is obviously going to be a long, and probably unpleasant series of discussions, and the film does a good job of capturing the moment and the emotions attached to it, Jennifer’s nervousness in expressing what she’s feeling, and the shock Robert feels on hearing it.

Because of that, there’s also an element of frustration that goes with watching Is This the Bed We Lie In? It’s like seeing the prologue to what looks like a good movie, but nothing else. I was left wanting to see where this went and hear their discussions over it, but the film leaves the viewer, like Jennifer, unsatisfied and wanting more. Which may, in a sense, be the point.

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If you don’t mind that, however, Is This the Bed We Lie In? manages to be an excellent example of a moment caught in time. Whether or not McGovern intends to revisit that moment and expand on it, it’s still worth giving it five minutes of your time if you get the chance.

Like many shorts, getting that chance may be difficult. You can check the director’s Facebook page, and local film festivals for announcements on where to see Is This the Bed We Lie In?

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