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The Last Amityville Movie (2023) Review

Bearing a title we all know is anything but accurate, The Last Amityville Movie is the story of a YouTuber named Josh, played by the film’s writer and director Josh Spiegel, who also runs the YouTube channel Movie Timelines.

He’s not doing so well in this movie’s timeline, however. A new pandemic has struck, stranding his wife Stella, played by his wife Stella, and their daughter at her father’s. It’s also closed down the store he manages, leaving him out of work and locked down by himself with nothing to do but hold Zoom calls with Patreon subscribers and record new videos for his channel.

That is, until he gets a strange package in the mail containing a doorknob. Yes, you read that right, a doorknob. Soon strange people are turning up at his door, or worse yet, in his living room, in the middle of the night. Surely it’s just a coincidence that the package’s return address was in Amityville, New York.

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This is another ultra low, $5,000, budget screenlife film, patched together from video chats, footage taken by the camera on his phone, security cameras, etc. And that means we do get a lot of scenes of Josh talking to computer monitors, talking on the phone, or to himself, or most memorably responding to a voice telling him to “Get Out!” by launching into a rant about he would have by now, if there was anywhere to go.

There is, however, more going on in The Last Amityville Movie than in many similar films. To keep the cost down, much of it involves hearing, rather than seeing things, and one of the demons haunting Josh takes the form of one of his friends, but at least there’s something going on, and it does on occasion manage to get creepy.

Unfortunately, there are also some scenes that fall incredibly flat as well. At one point, a character kills themselves in the middle of a video call. That scene wasn’t bad, but Josh’s reaction isn’t to be terrified the entity might do it to a family member next, he throws a tantrum like a five-year-old because their death ruins an opportunity for him. I know this is a horror comedy, but that’s just cringe, not funny. The cat’s reaction, just lying there looking at him like he’s an idiot, is, however, amusing.

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Eventually, Professor Pottery (Clay Christopher) informs him that the doorknob is indeed from 112 Ocean Avenue and does carry a curse, but he doesn’t know how to lift it. The director of four Amityville films Lars Von Floof, played by Jack Grisham of the band T.S.O.L., has a solution though. It might be a little risky, but Josh is running out of options.

The explanation the film offers up for all of this, and to at least partially justify calling it The Last Amityville Movie, is actually a rather good one and makes a nice twist on the cursed object plot used in several Amityville films as well as the Friday the 13th TV series.

There aren’t many effects, as you probably could tell when you saw the budget, but when you get a good look at the demon in the final act it’s Matt Mastrella, who has done effects and makeup work on films such as Harbinger Down and Pandorum, in a fairly decent monster suit. There are also a few simple CGI effects, most of which look good.

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The result is a lightweight but frequently amusing mix of jump scares and laughs. It’s not a film that will stay with you, but it is better than the high-end train wreck, or glorified advertisement for Spiegel’s YouTube channel that it could have been.

Just as The Last Amityville Movie won’t be the last Amityville movie, it also isn’t the best or worst Amityville movie either. And that’s a good thing, because the thought of something worse than Amityville Bigfoot or Amityville Christmas Vacation is more frightening than most Amityville movies.

The Last Amityville Movie is available on Tubi. If you want a hard copy, SRS Cinema has it available on Blu-ray.

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