Author name: Jim Morazzini

Gateway Theatrical Poster

Gateway (2021) Review

In an abandoned house they plan to use for a grow op, a gang of criminals have found a gateway. But who, or what is on the other side.

Take the Night Poster

Take the Night (2022) Review

A prank kidnapping turns very real in Take the Night, a crime thriller that focuses as much on the brothers on either side of the crime as it does on the crime.

Pact of Vengeance Poster

Pact of Vengeance (2022) Review

Pact of Vengeance features the late Leo Fong’s last performance, a cameo from Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare’s Thor and a topless martial arts scene. Apart from that…

Galaxy Games Poster

Galaxy Games (2022) Review

Galaxy Games feels like somebody took copies of The Hunger Games, Lord of the Flies, and Robert A. Heinlein’s Tunnel in the Sky and threw them in a blender.

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