Review: THE RIZEN (2017)

Military experiments have led to some incredible discoveries over the years, as well as some truly horrifying ones. If you watch films like OUTPOST, SHOCK WAVES, or even UNIVERSAL SOLDIER or Matt Mitchell’s, (GANGSTERS, GUNS, AND ZOMBIES), new film, THE RIZEN you know that some of the said experiments are shocking beyond their ability to merely kill. …

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Review: CHIMERA (2018)

Since the beginning of time mankind has chased immortality, indeed one of the first works of literature, The Epic of Gilgamesh, concern’s the title character’s search for eternal life. Of course, now the quest revolves around science, not magic or religion, on the manipulation of genes and DNA the very building blocks of life. Now, …

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Foreward Poster

Review: FOREWORD (2017)

Shot for the 48/5 Detroit Film Project and constrained by its rules FOREWORD does a great job of misdirecting the audience and setting up its twist. The plot is deceptively simple, a famous author with writer’s block and relationship issues receives a postcard from his future self with a warning. Will he heed it? And …

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